When Will the NCAA Get It Together? College Football Needs a Playoff

Bill StellContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

We all understand that the NCAA is a business.  We all understand that the college students that play college football are in theory students first and athletes second, but until the NCAA comes up with a real playoff system for college football, they will continue to lose money to the NFL. 

I consider any system where an undefeated team does not get a shot at the National Title or even get ranked in the top three seriously flawed.  If they started with the 12 best season records, regardless of school size, and had a playoff system like college basketball has, then the National Champ would be just that.

Crowning a school as champions when they are voted into the game instead of playing for the honor just seems wrong to me and unfair to the schools with better records who did not get the votes.

An added benefit of a playoff system would be to stop the schools from scheduling "gimme" games against schools with second tier programs to inflate the win numbers.  Without the tough games to prepare the team for the playoffs, those schools would lose in the first round or two.

Hopefully the NCAA is working on a playoff system and will implement it regardless of the screams of the coaches and ADs. Until they do, the NFL will continue to pull the best players out of school early, and the colleges will continue to lose money to the NFL as the players leave.