Gone With the Wind: Seven Former College Quarterbacks We May Never See Again

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

In college football, there are often many great quarterbacks that play. Many of these quarterbacks go on to have great NFL careers. But some of these great college quarterbacks barely get a chance in the NFL because of their size or skill set.


1. Jared Zabransky, Boise State (2002-2006)

Zabransky threw for 8,000-plus yards, and 57 TDs in his run as a Bronco, yet he is currently a free agent in the NFL and has been in Houston and Pittsburgh as a backup with hardly any chance to play.


2. Dennis Dixon, Oregon (2003-2007)

The Ducks' speedy and elusive QB threw for 5,000-plus yards and threw 38 TDs in his run as a Duck. He also provided great speed, compiling a good number of rushing yards as well. Dixon is currently sitting on the bench of the Steelers, and the NFL is not willing to give his style of play a chance.


3. Chris Leak, Florida (2003-2006)

Most notably known for leading the Gators to the 2007 BCS National championship game win against Ohio State, Leak found no opportunity to play in the NFL and is now playing in the CFL.


4. Troy Smith, Ohio State (2003-2006)

Smith, the former Heisman winner, threw for almost 6,000 yards and 54 TDs while taking his team to the national championship game in 2006. Smith had a chance to be the quarterback at Baltimore, but rookie Joe Flacco won the job preseason, subduing Smith to the bench.


5. Colt Brennan, Hawaii (2004-2007)

Brennan threw for 14,193 yards and 131—yes, you read that right, 131 touchdowns in a Hawaii uniform. Where is he now? Sitting on the bench of the Washington Redskins.


6. Brian Brohm, Louisville (2004-2007)

Brohm threw for almost 11,000 yards and 70 touchdowns. Brohm is currently the third backup in the Packers organization, sitting behind Matt Flynn and of course, Aaron Rodgers.


7. Andre Woodson, Kentucky (2004-2007)

In four years with the Wildcats, Woodson threw for 9,760 yards and 79 TDs. Where is he now? On the practice squad for the New York Giants.


So it just comes to show that it's not all numbers in the NFL. You have to be a typical NFL quarterback, and if you're not, you will see a life of being third on the depth chart, playing in Canada, or being on a practice squad.