Oklahoma Sooners Show They Are Class of the Big 12 With Win Over Texas

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

Last night against the Longhorns, the Sooners never had to break a sweat.  Even after a 13-1 run by the Longhorns, they were still down six and never even made the game interesting, being outclassed, outplayed, and out-hustled by the Sooners' bigs as well as the littles.

The Longhorns still have talent, but last night showed us that for now they are a one-man band, and A.J. Abrams can't win the Big 12 all alone.

Will OU be challenged? Probably—Baylor and A&M are good teams, and Texas probably won't go down without a fight, but OU can still improve a lot. The second best player on their roster is a true freshman with NBA talent.  He has played well and lights out at times, but he is nowhere near his potential.

The unfortunate thing for the Sooners is they are probably a year away from being a National champion caliber team but just don't have that kind of time.  Blake Griffin probably leaves for the NBA. I think he just wanted to play another year with his older brother. Willie Warren may leave now too.

So they have just two months to reach their potential and get to a Final Four. That is a tall order.

Jeff Capel has shown he is a great coach, but it will be hard to stack up against ACC and Big East talent in the tournament if it is a down year in the Big 12. 


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