WrestleMania 2012: 8 Superstars Who Will Dominate the Ring

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIMarch 14, 2012

WrestleMania 2012: 8 Superstars Who Will Dominate the Ring

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    We are only half a month a way from WrestleMania 28 and while the focus is mostly on John Cena and the Rock, the card is stacked with talent.

    Not every match will be a 5-star affair, with the combatants giving and taking each other's best. Some will be back-and-forth affairs while others will be beatdowns with either a comeback win or a dominating finish.

    Which wrestlers will look best at the end of April 1st and make their opponents look like April fools?

    Here are the best guesses for the top eight wrestlers who will crush the competition in the ring, win or lose.

Randy Orton

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    If Kane was facing almost anyone else in the ring, he would have gotten the nod. Instead, he is facing Orton.

    Randy Orton has been despised by some for being built as a character that is too strong. He seems invincible and nobody really gets clean wins over him.

    John Cena was able to crush Kane at Elimination Chamber and while that doesn't mean an immediate victory for Orton, it is a good indicator.

    Expect Orton to have a back-and-forth battle for a few minutes and then crush Kane easily with an RKO.

Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry isn't where he was at a few months ago, but that doesn't mean he isn't a dominant monster heel. He is on team Laurinaitis and considering that the first two members of team Long are Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston, he shouldn't have much trouble dominating them.

    That doesn't mean that team Laurinaitis will win the match, just that Henry will dominate most of it and it will take more then one wrestler to eliminate him.

Big Show

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    It doesn't help that Cody Rhodes is being booked as a cowardly heel. When pit against a wrestler the size of Big Show, it can't mean anything but defeat or a cheap win.

    There is a small margin that Rhodes will win at WrestleMania, though, it is highly unlikely. He has been humiliating the Big Show for weeks. The fans are waiting for a payoff and to not have it happen at WrestleMania wouldn't make sense.

    Not only will Show beat Rhodes down, he'll also get the win.

Triple H

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    Undertaker will win the match, but Triple H will still look better between the two because he has more to give and he has a tendency to take over the action in the ring.

    Part of it has to do with Undertaker not being able to put out the same amount of work in a match while another part has to do with Triple H. He hates to look weak. Last year when CM Punk was on a role, he still lost a match to Triple H.

    Triple H has too much respect for the Streak to do that to Undertaker, but expect the Dead Man to take a one-sided bruising.

CM Punk

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    Punk is going to be as intense in the ring come WrestleMania as he is outside of it. He has a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to not being in the main event and he is going to try and prove that it was a mistake to not put him in the main event.

    It will also be a slight against the Rock if he can put on a better match.

    Regardless of how any other match plays out, this should be match of the night.

Chris Jericho

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    It isn't usually possible for two wrestlers to claim the aggressor side of a contest, but both men are so talented that they might just be able to pull it off. It also depends on how long the WWE gives them to have the match.

    If they get 20 minutes or more, they should put on a war.

    Like Punk, Jericho always wants to steal the show, and the two of them should work together to do just that.


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    There is no way that Daniel Bryan will be the stronger man in this contest. It doesn't make sense how both he and Sheamus have been built and it doesn't make sense from a theatrical sense, either.

    Bryan probably won't retain his title at WrestleMania, and Sheamus should be crowned. The only way that Sheamus even faces a problem during the match is if Bryan cheats or uses AJ to change the momentum.

    No matter what, the bigger man will be throwing most of the action in the ring instead of receiving it.

The Rock

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    The Rock might be able to win, though, it isn't likely.

    Cena makes the WWE its money in the day-to-day operations, so it doesn't make sense to have a part-time wrestler go over. That is, unless they plan on extending the feud.

    It won't happen, but that doesn't mean the Rock needs to look weak. It will be a standard Cena match where he gets beaten down and then makes a comeback, finally winning the bout.

    It will make male fans hate him more, kids love him as they always have and sell a bunch of merchandise in the process.