WWE News: Beth Phoenix Comments on Her Current Push in the WWE

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 13, 2012

Photo: prowrestling.wikia.com
Photo: prowrestling.wikia.com

Wrestling fans as a whole have mixed opinions when it comes to women's wrestling and, more specifically, the Divas division in the WWE. 

Many of those fans do not consider the division as wrestling and think of it more as eye-candy for the target male demographic.

Current WWE Divas champion Beth Phoenix considers herself the best champion of all time, and her skills in the ring certainly do make a convincing argument.

But, over the last few months, the focus has shifted off of women's wrestling in the WWE, and the matches have been significantly shorter overall.

On her official Twitter account, Phoenix commented on her current push in the WWE:

 All I hear from the is how unappreciated I am.You're right. I'm sick of taking a back seat. I am a role model. I deserve more. 

 I am tired of having no competition and being pushed aside. Its time to do something about it. 

 I get ZERO respect. I should be featured in magazines, being a guest star. The entire WWE has it all backwards. I AM the face of the Divas. 

 Having a nice quiet lunch at MCafe. Stewing in my thoughts. Im sick of being pushed aside and forgotten about. I am the Divas Champion and..

From those comments, Phoenix seems to be extremely frustrated and it also seems that she thinks that the WWE is not giving the Divas division or herself the respect both deserve.

Over the last few weeks, rumors have been circulating that there may be no Divas matches at WrestleMania XXVIII.

If that is the case, then Beth Phoenix may be right.



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