Slow-Moving Oakland Raiders Being Left Behind

Colin MehiganCorrespondent IJanuary 13, 2009

In the time it has taken the Oakland Raiders to interview two candidates for the head-coaching vacancy, the Cleveland Browns and Denver Broncos have both filled their respective leadership vacancies.

Of the two candidates interviewed by the Raiders, one is the current interim head coach while the other was interviewed over the phone (Kevin Gilbride, New York Giants' Offensive Coordinator)

In the two weeks since the season ended, the Raiders have lost the services of promising assistant coach, Tom Rathman, who has returned to his professional Alma mater the 49ers. Rathman showed great endeavour coaching the Raiders running backs and his loss is careless and imprudent.

The apparent lack of urgency being exhibited by the Raiders does not bode well. A new head coach must put in place assistants of his own (if Al Davis allows) evaluate the existing roster, evaluate free agents, evaluate draft prospects etc. It is a 15-hour day, seven-days-a-week job for the next five months.

This is a crucial period for all NFL teams who failed to make the playoffs and, in the case of the Raiders, who have consistently underperformed over a lengthy period of time.

Try telling that to Mr. Davis.