Pro Wrestling News: TNA Star Brutus Magnus Defends Jeremy Borash

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 13, 2012


In a follow up to the piece on Eric Bischoff's comments regarding Jeremy Borash, TNA superstar Brutus Magnus, who was half of tag team The British Invasion and currently half of the TNA World Tag-Team Champions with Samoa Joe, fired back at Bischoff and his comments.

On his official Twitter account, Magnus commented:

  is 1 of the hardest working & loyal people TNA has ever had. Aren't ppl supposed to be MORE mature as time goes on, not less?

From those comments, Magnus seems legitimately angry with Bischoff and his comments.  As time goes on, there will no doubt be more TNA superstars that will come to Borash's defence.

Also judging from those comments it seems that Magnus is a stand-up guy and would not apologize to Bischoff, even if he was ordered to by the top brass of TNA.

Even though Magnus is speaking his mind and defending Borash, he is speaking out against a top TNA executive in Eric Bischoff and could mean a halt to his current push.

Along with Bischoff, Magnus could be subject to disciplinary action from the upper echelon of TNA, including president Dixie Carter.



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