5 NBA Players That Need to Go on a Diet

Matthew ConnollyCorrespondent IIIMarch 13, 2012

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After being slowed down by the lockout, legions of players around the league were forced to play catch-up to get back in shape.

Surprisingly, the vast majority of our favorite hoop stars were able to do so. Some even came back to the NBA in better shape than they left it.

DeJuan Blair returned to the Spurs a chiseled specimen. The Jazz took a flier on a new-look Jamaal Tinsley. Hell, even Baron Davis lost his gut after taking extra time before making his debut for the Knicks. 

Still, there are a handful of players around the Association that are clearly in need of a diet. Should they cut down the carbs? Maybe go vegan?

I’m no health expert, but one thing’s for sure—these guys need to do something to change their eating habits.  

Watching them loaf around the court is no fun for their coaches or fanbases. To the casual observer, though, it is pure comedy.  

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