Early Outlook For The 2009 San Diego Padres

Brian HarrisContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

To trade Jake Peavy or not to trade Jake Peavy Thats been the big question the padres FO has been pondering this off season and it appears that Jake will remain a padre through opening day barring an expected offer that blows GM Keven Towers away. Trading Peavy could possible nab them a starting shortstop,a young center fielder,and some mid to back of the rotation competition as well as a highly regarded prospect or two but the padres seem to want to hold onto Peavy either realising hes too valuable to the organization or because they expect his value to increase slightly later in the season either way I as a padre fan have no objection. Other than the ongoing Peavy trade rumors the padres Fo have been trying to find a replacement for the recently traded Khalil Greene.I personaly think that David Eckstein gives the padres the most value for their money being a scrappy lead-off type hitter the padres need but they seem to be leaning toward Omar Vizquel who in my opion is running on fumes offensively.A back catcher to the young talent Nick Hundley is needed and although they signed Alzono Alfonser I like the fact that their in talks with Brad Ausmus who can mentor the padres young pitchers as well as Nick Hundley and the rest of the padres young players.I don't really know what we can expect from 2009 padres its not even spring training but I predict  its going to be a rough year with a lot of growing pains for some of the padres young players.