Bleacher Report Totally Discredited Unfairly

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IJanuary 13, 2009

Now maybe this issue I have has been taken care of already, and maybe it hasn't. However, I've got a beef, and I figured if B/R is hated on, then I might as well let my fellow B/R's know about it, as I have a duty to provide the best info, and best writing possible to B/R.

I was doing a press release for an MMA organization, as that's mainly what I write about here on B/R, when I came across an article, totally rashing on B/R. Now, normally we don't get too much nonsense from outside sources, as B/R has been improving on its creditability in recent months. But this, I feel is a setback. Below I listed the article, as well as the website I found the article on, and a small excerpt from the site that rashed on us.


"IE: unless someone actually in the Auburn athletic department signed off on this call, this clause has not been violated. Rane is a trustee, but he is not the President, AD, or someone working at or under their authority, and certainly not their express authority. The theory is full of crap from the word go.

Which should be no surprise because it's post on the Bleacher Report, where absolutely anyone can post absolutely anything. This feels like a curmudgeonly complaint more suited to an elderly guy wearing a hat that says "press," I know, but I've seen this from time to time on message boards and other blogs: idiot writes something idiotic on the Bleacher Report, someone takes it more seriously than they should under the assumption that whoever posted it is some sort of professional or, you know, writer. (The mere fact that people can't immediately tell the difference between the dreck on the Bleacher Report and your average MSM columnist is perhaps the most damning criticism you can offer of MSM columnists.)

The Bleacher Report is an amorphous shifting population of people, all of whom seem incapable of dressing themselves. This differs from blogs, because Dr. Saturday is Dr. Saturday and EDSBS is EDSBS and MGoBlog is MGoBlog. Blogs build credibility over time. The Bleacher Report gets it from some nice software, I guess."

This really peeves me off guys and gals. We have a great cast of writers, editors, and contributors on this website, and for someone who apparently doesn't know much about us and our passion, it's just hurtful for them to write junk such as this. You know how mad this got me? I still haven't finished that press release yeah very mad. I want to apologize on this idiot's behalf to guys like Zander and Bryan and Alan and all the rest of you who work so hard on a daily basis to provide such a nice website to all of us aspiring writers. Without you, B/R wouldn't exist. So thank you.