Pro Wrestling News: Eric Bischoff Slams TNA Employee

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 13, 2012


Eric Bischoff has always been known to speak his mind and find himself mired in controversy, but on his official Facebook account, Bischoff has brought those statements to a whole new level.

Last night, Bischoff was at a local bar in Nashville, Tennessee when he made some rather rude and disparaging comments regarding TNA Announcer Team Member Jeremy Borash.

Bischoff was quoted as saying:

Just had a beer here in Nashville. Bartender asked me I worked for the boss "Jeremy Borash". When I asked "WTF" that was supposed to mean, I was told emphatically that Jeremy has represented himself as an "owner" of TNA. Jeremy is a low rent bit player who should be fortunate he has a job.

Bischoff allegedly said the comments after the bartender commented that he was working for "the boss," referring to Borash.

The word throughout the Internet dirt-sheet sites and the Internet wrestling community is that Bischoff was intoxicated at the time he made these comments regarding Borash.

No one really knows why Bischoff made these comments about Borash.  A lot of wrestling fans and insiders are guessing that he just doesn't care about TNA anymore, or he is trying to get fired.

If Bischoff actually meant to disparage Borash, then TNA President Dixie Carter should investigate and Bischoff should, at the very least, apologize to Borash and should be subject to disciplinary action.


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