6 Cockiest Players in the NFL

Avi Wolfman-Arent@@awolfmancomethCorrespondent IIMarch 13, 2012

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Call the football players on this list cocky if you must, but don’t say the word with such disdain.

Arrogance, after all, is what makes the NFL so darn entertaining.

Sans ego, the NFL would be a bunch of muscle-burdened man leaping into piles.


Conceit gives the game life, compelling us to follow every plot and subplot.

Terrell Owens didn’t just catch an oblong ball and celebrate by standing on a star. He caught a ball, celebrated and, in the process, insulted the manhood of every Texan. It’s those moments that tap into a deeper level of football fandom, a level that would not exist with the festering wounds created by excessive hubris.

And according to my controversial seventh-grade science curriculum, all of that aggressive posturing and response is just evolution doing its thing. In other words, professional football commands our attention because it summons the most primal, alpha dog instincts.

And there is nothing more primal than intimidation by way of confidence.

Lions roar, peacocks bear their plumage and humans talk. Without talk, football wouldn’t be the chest-puffing spectacle we intuitively love.

Or at least that’s what Mrs. Norwood would say.

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