Terrell Owens Gets Rocked, Erin Andrews Still Has a Job: BR5 3/13

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up to date on everything from Terrell Owens getting paid to fall over walls to a hot Erin Andrews rumor.

Terrell Owens doesn't let a little thing like his contract get in the way of his own success. According to his deal with the Allen Wranglers, T.O. doesn't have to play in away games. But after the large attendance draw of T.O.'s home opener, the New Mexico Stars actually paid for T.O. to play against them. So Owens' 5 catches for 50 yards and a touchdown cost the Stars first-class airfare, hotel, an estimated $10-20,000 payment and a 45-28 loss to the Wranglers. However, the estimated crowd of over 6,000 got their money's worth when the mouthy receiver took a devastating hit over the boards. 

Paul Casey wins half of a Cadillac. For like, ten seconds. Playing in the WGC Cadillac Championships, Golf pro Paul Casey told his caddie Craig Connelly that if he aced the next hole, which would win Casey a brand new Cadillac, Casey would split it with him. Well, Casey nailed a hole in one. Problem was, he aced the wrong hole. The prize was for the 13th, not the 15th hole. Casey took it well, saying "I've never enjoyed not winning a car so much." 

An Arena Football team owner cuts his whole team, but he feeds them first. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Pittsburgh Power owner Matt Shaner brought his whole team to the Olive Garden in Orlando before a game, where he informed the players that they were all fired. According to the report, former center Beau Elliott remarked, "I'm putting food in my mouth and being read, from a piece of paper by our owner, that the Pittsburgh Power as a whole is now terminated." Yikes. It turns out that the players union was asking for more than $1,300 per game minimum salary for the players, and the owners were thinking more like $500 per game. 

March Madness is here and hot questions include "How does your bracket look?," "Who's going to the Final Four?" and "How cool is Anthony Davis's mom?" Mr. Davis is a future NBA lottery pick and plays for tournament number one seed Kentucky. But as good as Anthony is, most opposing crowds tease the young man because of his unibrow. So what did mom do in support of her son at the SEC Championships? She wore a unibrow mask in the stands. Anthony probably doesn't need a confidence boost considering how well he's been playing this year, but if the tournament gets tough, at least he knows that momma loves him. 

Erin Andrews still works for ESPN. This is news because Twitter exploded recently over a hoax tweet sent out by someone named ESPNSteve. The tweet said that his "co-worker" Andrews was leaving ESPN, and that "We wish her nothing but the best in her future endeavors." ESPN has tried to get in front of the hoax with their own statement. Spokesman Mike Soltys says "She's still under contract and we hope to renew her." Soon after—in true Twitter fashion—the comedians came out, reporting that contrary to other rumors, Andrews will not be signing with the Broncos or the Dolphins. You gotta love Twitter.

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