NFL Playoffs: After Upsets, Only One Seeded Team Left In the NFL Playoffs

Twins HinesCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

During the weekend, there were big upsets.

On Saturday, Titans played against the Ravens and lost by a field goal. The game really came down to the defenses. The Ravens are just a better defensive team. The Titans had  a great quarterback that really came through, but there defense couldn't keep up and they lost.

The Panthers played aganist the Cardinals, which made for an appealing game. The Panthers played great defense and the Cardinals played average offense. But the reason they won was because of there stellar defense, they were so strong. They pulled through they didn't even let the Panthers score until they got a secure lead.

On Sunday, the defending champs the New York Giants lost against the soaring Eagles. The Eagles have had the last few games be the must wins. Eli Manning had a tough day and the defense of the Eagles took advantage. The defense of the Giants just couldn't keep up with the fast Wide Receivers of the Eagles. The New York Giants had a bye week and they were rested, but the Eagles didn't let that bother them.

But that didn't stop the Steelers it got off rough and then they just did what they have done all season. Play great defense.  There defense deserves a ton of recognition because they stopped Philip Rivers who is a critical piece of the Chargers offense. They held them and the Chargers defense couldn't do a lot to stop Ben and his team.