Chicago Blackhawks: Top 5 Goals of the Season

James Maahs@Jmaz90Contributor IIIMarch 13, 2012

Chicago Blackhawks: Top 5 Goals of the Season

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    Just how often do we see great plays that lead to highlight-reel goals from the Chicago Blackhawks?

    With the amount of talent on the Blackhawks' roster, we see it way too often. Well, not too often, but way too much to appreciate just how good these guys really are in the NHL.

    Even though the Blackhawks still have 12 games left to play in this season, there are still many different goals that are highlight-reel material.

    From Patrick Kane to Jonathan Toews, which player has the No. 1 goal for the Blackhawks this season?

    These are the top five goals scored this season by the Chicago Blackhawks.

5. Hossa Lights the Lamp Against Detroit

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    Maybe it was the timing of this goal was scored that made it special.

    Or maybe it was the fact that it would push the Blackhawks into overtime to eventually defeat the dreaded Detroit Red Wings.

    How many times have we seen the Blackhawks tie a game up in the last minute?

    It never ceases to send chills down my spine when it happens, especially when it's against the hated Red Wings team.

    Whatever it was on that January night, the Blackhawks weren't going to be denied when they made a last-minute push to tie up the game.

    Thanks to a nice shot from the high slot by Marian Hossa, the Blackhawks were able to knock off one of their most fierce rivals.

4. Kane Spin-O-Rama

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    Patrick Kane did his best Denis Savard impersonation by using the Spin-O-Rama to set Marian Hossa up with a tap-in goal.

    Not many playmakers in the NHL can make a move like that, let alone do it while eluding a defender. 

    Denis Savard perfected the Spin-O-Rama move to score many goals. 

    Maybe Kane will eventually perfect it as well and use it more against opponents.

    Regardless, it's still a goal to marvel at in this day and age of "elite" NHL defenses that would knock a player down if they attempted to get close to the goaltender.

3. Montador Does His Best Bobby Orr Impression

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    Calling No. 4 Bobby Orr—defenseman Steve Montador is trying to impersonate you.

    Any other defenseman would have one-timed the puck right into the midsection of the goaltender.

    But Montador had a different idea by deking out a player and then the goaltender for a highlight-reel goal.

    It's not very often that you will see the defenseman go to the goaltender on the rush, but that's what makes this goal special.

2. Toews Shows His Determination

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    How many times have the Blackhawks failed to go to the net in order to get a goal this season?

    Too many, but the captain decided to take matters into his own hands and put one behind goaltender Steve Mason.

    Toews has a bunch of highlight-reel goals in his career, but this one was his standout for the season.

    Deking a defender and going to the net with grit and determination—that's a pure Toews goal that fans have become used to seeing.

1. Stick-Handling Madness

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    Nothing fancy here, just about nine stick handles to get a shootout goal against Nicklas Backstrom of the Minnesota Wild.

    Patrick Kane proved that he has some of the best hands in the NHL by pulling this highlight-reel goal off when the game was on the line in the shootout.

    How many players can slow down and stick-handle as fast as Kane did?

    Pavel Datsyuk is the only name that comes to mind, but besides him, very few players have the capability to pull it off.