WWE Raw: A Rock Concert, Old School Cena, Undertaker/HBK, CM Punk and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 13, 2012

Monday Night Raw opened with Jerry Lawler in the ring hyping the Rock vs. Rap concert.

He then introduced John Cena, who came out to his old theme song and in his old attire. He insulted the Rock in rap form then left the ring.

As a rap, it was very bland and unentertaining. As a promo, though, it was very good.

If this segment was just Cena saying what he rapped normally, then this would have been a great segment.

And how great was it to see Cena bust out a bit of old school? Hearing his old theme song actually made me happy to see him come to the ring.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

During the match, Josh Matthews interviewed Daniel Bryan and A.J. in one of the sky boxes.

Matthews said that Bryan was rude to A.J. on SmackDown but the champion said he wasn’t.

When he asked A.J. about it she also said he wasn’t, but seemed hesitant to answer.

Back to the match: Sheamus picked up the victory with the Brogue Kick.

I thought this was a good one, though it didn’t really have much back-and-forth action.

The action itself was quite good; I just wish the match was a bit more even.

I worry that WWE is building Sheamus up big time with constant wins only to have him lose at WrestleMania.

I like Sheamus’ dominance but I think he should lose a match or two, preferably because of interference from Bryan.

Ziggler seems to have fallen very far as of late. His career looked so promising but now he’s just there to make the top talent look good.

I think Ziggler needs to ditch Vickie as soon as possible. The heat he gets is because of her and he needs to find out if he can reach that level of heat without her.

As for the Bryan/A.J. storyline, I think it’s leading to her screwing him out of the title.

It seems like they have an abusive relationship of sorts and what better for A.J. to get revenge on her abuser than to make him lose the world heavyweight title?


Santino Marella vs. David Otunga and Mark Henry

This was originally a mixed tag match with Aksana teaming with Santino but John Laurinaitis changed it to a handicap match.

Teddy Long than came out to argue with Johnny Ace and it resulted in Teddy pushing Laurinaitis down to the ground again.

As attention went back to the ring, the heels got the win when Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam.

Post-match, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth ran out to save Santino but they ended up getting beaten down.

This match really was a waste of time.

Its only purpose was to start setting up the 12-man tag match at WrestleMania.

The general managers will each lead a team of six and the winning team gets their general manager the job of running both shows.

Santino will captain Teddy’s team while Otunga will captain Laurinaitis’.

Henry was also revealed as a member of Team Big Johnny and we can assume that Booming Truth will be named as members of Team Teddy.

Well, at least the match will give 12 mid-carders a taste of WrestleMania and it also means we won’t have to see a spot on the card wasted by a one-on-one match between the general managers.

A clip of the Bella Twins and Alicia Fox on Extra was then shown. I got up and took out the trash.

Backstage, Zack Ryder ran into Eve. He was worried that she was playing him but Eve assured him that they were friends with benefits.

Beth Phoenix then appeared to complain about not being on Extra. She will show up to the show and confront Maria Menounos.

She then declared that she liked how Eve had Ryder wrapped around her finger and wanted the chance to do the same. Eve said she couldn’t and then walked off.

Poor Ryder. He went from mega star to Eve’s puppet. The Ryder Revolution is without a doubt dead.

With Beth threatening to go on Extra, I fear that we’ll see Beth Phoenix vs. Maria Menounos for the Divas title at WrestleMania or that Menounos will be on the card period.

Elsewhere, the Miz walked into Laurinaitis’ office and wanted to be a member of his team. He introduced James Roday and bragged about being on Psych this week.

Big Johnny then booked Miz vs. CM Punk with Roday as the ring announcer. If Miz won, then he could join the team.

The Miz has fallen so far over the past year. I remember a time when he really was “awesome.”


Brodus Clay vs. Jinder Mahal

The Funkasaurus made his return and promptly squashed Jinder Mahal.

I was actually glad to see him back as I was hoping WWE was going to start letting him have a real match.

As soon as I saw that his opponent was Mahal, though, I knew that wouldn’t be the case.

Brodus Clay is entertaining and all, but I’d like to see him have a legit match sooner rather than later.

Shawn Michaels then made his way out. He showed the video of Triple H calling him a loser and said that no one has ever called him a loser or a failure to face.

He then called out the Undertaker to which the Deadman made his way to the ring.

They always had respect for each other but HBK figured that Undertaker would have the guts to trash him to his face.

Undertaker told him that he should stop for a moment and think since they weren’t his chosen words—they were words chosen by Triple H.

Michaels knows who’s going to win but no matter what happens, the Undertaker is prepared to accept the outcome.

The match needs to be pure and not have HBK’s ego inserted into it.

Michaels thought that it was ironic that he could still be the guy to end the streak. The Undertaker declared that he will win and the streak will continue.

If Michaels doesn’t do the right thing, he’s going to end the Heartbreak Kid. He just tapped him on the arm and walked out.

He was met on the stage by Triple H, who delivered a crotch chop directed at the Phenom.

I thought this was a great segment. Shawn Michaels was once again solid on the mic here and he continues to be the star of the in-ring segments for this feud.

The Undertaker was much better on the mic than the last time and was quite good himself.

This adds a lot of intrigue to the Hell in a Cell match. Michaels all but said that he was going to screw over the Undertaker.

That would mean that he and the Game are working together to end the streak but is HBK really going in that direction?

This could be a massive swerve and Michaels could screw Triple H out of the win.

Either way, I’m really looking forward to this match.


CM Punk vs. The Miz w/ James Roday as the Special Guest Ring Announcer

CM Punk picked up the win via submission with the Anaconda Vice.

I felt that this was a disappointing match. It was a lot shorter than I expected and the quality of it was killed because of that.

It was a decent match but it could have been so much better. Both Punk and Miz are very talented in the ring and could have put on a great match, but the small amount of time they were given made that impossible.

Post-match, Chris Jericho appeared on the TitanTron. He revealed that Punk was straight edge because his father was an alcoholic.

Having a drink was inevitable as it’s in his blood. Jericho will be the one to force him to do it.

After WrestleMania, Y2J will be undisputed best in the world and the WWE champion. CM Punk will just be recognized as a pathetic drunk like his dad.

This was a very powerful promo from Jericho here. It really gets into the head of the champion and put the challenger at a major advantage.

If this is true, I’m surprised that Punk allowed that to be brought into a storyline. WWE is notorious for bringing real-life issues into feuds so I’m not surprised that they did.

It will be very interesting to see how this develops.


Randy Orton vs. Jack Swagger

Orton picked up the victory with an RKO. This was a decent match that saw a bit of action but wasn’t anything too special.

Well, the superplex was really cool so I guess that qualifies as special.

It looks like Swagger is back to jobber status now that his hunt for the United States championship is over. It’s a shame—Swagger’s got a lot of talent.

Post-match, fire shot out of the ring posts startling Orton but Kane didn’t actually show up.

I really wish that WWE would give us some kind of explanation as to why Orton and Kane are feuding.

It’s obvious they’re together because both of them needed something to do for WrestleMania but I would like to know the storyline reason.

Raw then came to an end with the Rock concert. He told Cleveland that they broke a record for attendance and then poked fun at Cena’s performance earlier.

That was not the Cena we all knew as the Cena we all know looks like “Vanilla Ice banged a Teletubby.” He showed a picture on the TitanTron and was now ready to sing.

The Rock sang a couple of songs, all to the tune of “Jailhouse Rock.” Each one he laid into Cena big time.

He ended the segment with “We Will Rock You,” with new lyrics pertaining to Cena.

It’s really hard to describe the songs so if you haven’t seen the segment—I suggest you find the video.

This was extremely entertaining as the Rock had me laughing the entire time. The crowd seemed to love it as well so I guess that means the Rock concert was a success.

The Rock was hilarious and his musical performance was the exact opposite of the John Cena’s.

Despite the face of the WWE winning for two straight weeks, I feel this week was won by the People’s Champion.

Overall I thought Raw was a good show.

While none of the matches really stood out, some of them were decent enough to watch.

The in-ring segments were the highlight of the show with the Undertaker/HBK and Rock segments being the best ones of the night.

Even though WWE has been producing top notch in-ring segments as of late, I’d like to see some good matches as WrestleMania draws closer.


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