5 Fighters Joe Rogan Always Favors

Kyle Symes@ksymes88Correspondent IIIMarch 13, 2012

5 Fighters Joe Rogan Always Favors

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    Joe Rogan is about as synonymous with MMA as a takedown. Unfortunately, something synonymous with Rogan is his biased commentary at times.

    Rogan has been under a lot of scrutiny through the past years for his overly biased commentary but it's hard for fans to fault the guy. It's incredibly hard to not show a bias when Rogan knows/talks to many of these fighters when the cameras are off.

    But in the world of professional journalism there's a time and a place to share your opinion; the main broadcast of a UFC PPV is not it. If the fighters on this list are ever involved in a close decision they can always depend on Rogan to talk them up to influence fan opinion.

BJ Penn

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    In one of the more common characteristics with being one of Joe Rogan's boys, BJ Penn is a jiu-jitsu wizard.

    Rogan's love affair with Penn can be heard over any broadcast that features the Hawaiian. There have been times when Rogan was giving us a warning to "look at Penn's flexibility" while fending off a takedown. It resembled a kid telling their parents to tune into the TV to watch their superhero do something cool.

Jake Shields

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    When Jake Shields made his way to the UFC, the company knew they needed a way to hype up the Strikeforce champion in order to make him seem like a credible challenger to UFC fans.

    Enter Joe Rogan.

    Despite his opponent Martin Kampmann doing far more damage on the ground in their bout, Rogan wanted to only speak about Shields' Brazilian jiu-jitsu requirements. 

    I know Shields had a strong résumé coming to the UFC but shouldn't we let him prove himself in the promotion before crowning him the No. 1 contender before his hand gets raised?

Frankie Edgar

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    Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar almost benefited from some magical judging help from Joe Rogan.

    In his bout with Benson Henderson, Edgar was able to land the higher volume and secure more takedowns but failed to inflict any damage and wasn't able to land power strikes. Henderson landed with less frequency but was able to inflict more visible damage, something that undoubtedly influenced the judges' decision.

    Forgetting the fact that Henderson was landing the better shots, all Rogan wanted to talk about was Edgar's ability to move in and out.

Lyoto Machida

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    When Lyoto Machida walks out you can literally hear the drool pooling out of Joe Rogan's mouth.

    There have been numerous instances where Rogan goes a little overboard when describing Machida. When Machida defeated Rashad Evans for the light heavyweight title, Rogan declared "Welcome to the Machida era."

    Rogan's affection of Machida reached a culmination with his first bout against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua. Rogan's commentary came under quite a bit of scrutiny from fans due to favoring only Machida's offense while dismissing Rua's completely.

    For some fans, this bout is a perfect example of it not necessarily being what Rogan says but rather what he chooses to ignore.

Forrest Griffin

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    Among the many of Forrest Griffin's many accolades in MMA is a necklace with half a heart. The other half is worn around Joe Rogan's neck at all times.

    Griffin is much more known for his standup style and for the most part, Griffin keeps it there. There are times in his bouts when Griffin will choose to take the fight to the mat and this is where Rogan comes into play.

    It seems as if before either man touches the mat on a takedown in a Griffin fight, Rogan is reaching back into his library of quotes with "Forrest Griffin's ground game is very underrated."

    If the man is a black belt under Robert Drysdale and Rogan mentions it in every one of his 14 UFC bouts, how underrated can it really be?