Monday Night Raw Results 3/12/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIMarch 13, 2012

Monday Night Raw Results 3/12/2012: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

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    I like The Rock and John Cena, but I'll stick with Duran Duran.

    Tonight, we witnessed rapping, rocking and the return of the "Funkasaurus."

    As I do every Monday night following RAW, I present the top questions going forward.

    These questions are meant to stimulate conversation and give us pause, so we can examine current storylines.

    Shall we have it?

What Did You Think of John Cena's Performance?

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    I guess all the marks marked out for Marky Mark!

    For one night only, John Cena turned back the clock and transformed into the “Doctor of Thuganomics.” I think a lot of fans, regardless of how they feel about him, were happy to see the old John Cena.

    I, for one, enjoyed the fact that he came out dressed the way he did. Is it silly for someone in their mid-30s to be out there battle rapping? Sure, but it gave Cena some spirit and charisma. The creature that John’s character has evolved into is boring and stale. At least, the Doctor of Thuganomics has some personality.

    What did you think of the rap overall?

    I honestly expected more from Cena because I have heard better from him. I found the rap a little too slow and not as original as I had hoped. I am not saying the rap was horrible, but am I the only one who had higher expectations?

    I have been waiting for THIS version of Cena for years and just thought he would have been a bit wittier in his lyrics. I will give him props for a solid performance though. The WWE deserves some credit because they listened to the fans and allowed us to see this John Cena one more time.

    Unfortunately, Cena will go back to “Super Cena” next week. John has so much potential, and it is a shame to see him go back to being the stale entity we have come to know over the last few years.

Has the Ice Age Killed the Funkasaurus?

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    Brodus Clay has been missing so long, I honestly forgot he was in the WWE. Tonight, he returned and squashed Jinder Mahal in a quick match.

    Well, the result was the same, but is that enough?

    The last time Brodus Clay was on RAW, I wrote about how the WWE needs Clay to have a match with someone more legitimate. Instead Clay goes MIA and then comes back only to beat up another jobber.

    Does Brodus Clay matter anymore?

    It was a nice gimmick, but now, I'm bored with the “Funkasaurus.” If Clay is going to stay around he needs to have something more lasting instead of just beating on the bottom tier of talent. Stealing Flash Funk’s character 15 years later does not make you a big deal in 2012.

    There's no doubt Clay has all the tools to be a top guy one day, but he needs to start feuding with someone or the fans are going to stop caring. It may also not be wise to just leave RAW for a month for no reason either.

    Who would you like to see Brodus Clay feud with?

Does Shawn Michaels' Role Feel Forced?

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    I have always been very open about how Shawn Michaels is my favorite WWE superstar of all time. I am happy to see him still get occasionally involved in the WWE, but his role in Undertaker and Triple H’s match is starting to feel forced.

    I understand that HBK is involved in this to generate star power. He obviously has a well-documented history with both men, so his participation is obviously intriguing. The problem is that he keeps making a big deal out of minute details.

    The WWE is trying to get us to believe that Shawn has the potential to screw either individual since he is the special guest referee. The only glaring problem is that HBK is retired. If he were to screw either individual, then they would obviously want revenge.

    How can that happen unless Shawn Michaels is willing to come back for one more match?

    The other reason I do not believe HBK will interfere in this match is because the streak is too important to Undertaker’s legacy. At 19-0, it would be hard to believe that someone would determine the outcome through interference.

    The spotlight has been on Shawn Michaels the last two weeks when it really should be on Triple H and Undertaker. I only hope that next week we hear something more important from these three.

    Will Shawn Michaels impact the result of this match?

Was the "Drunk Father" Angle Too Awkward Tonight?

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    It pains me to see CM Punk and Chris Jericho stuck on the midcard. These two are so brilliant at making promos. Jericho was at his best on the mic tonight, and CM Punk’s body language was absolutely flawless—a perfect performance.

    I know I certainly did not expect this twist. The WWE did a nice job getting this feud to a personal level. For weeks, I wanted to see more out of these two, and tonight, it all came together. Now, the fans have a vested interest to watch.

    The segment came across as awkward, but I think that's exactly what the writers wanted. It was supposed to be shocking, and the fans ate it up. As soon as Punk’s head dipped, the crowd got right behind him. As fans, we like to support our heroes in these moments.

    Chris Jericho also deserves props. I was very hard on Chris when he made his return because I found it disappointing and misleading. We never were given an explanation for his behavior or the cryptic promos. However, tonight was the reason why Jericho is considered a top talent. He knows how to work a mic and get a reaction.

    What do you think of this twist in the CM Punk-Chris Jericho feud?

    Oh, and did anyone else want Jake Roberts to come out and scream “Punk…I AM YOUR FATHER” a l Darth Vader?

What Did You Think of The Rock's Performance?

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    In a rebuttal to John Cena’s rap earlier in the program, The Rock performed his own “Rock Concert” to close out the show.

    Despite a few lame jokes, I thought The Rock concert was much more successful than I had originally anticipated. The concert itself had a lot of clever lines and came across as an amusing segment.

    However, the end of the concert was another story. The Rock and the crowd ended RAW with an original version of We Will Rock You by Queen. The words were played over the Titantron so the crowd could sing along. The Rock seemed to be laughing too much to even care what half of the lyrics were by the end.

    First, we had the words written on The Rock’s wrist, and now, we have lyric sheets and words being posted on the Titantron. Doesn’t this just play right into Cena’s hands?

    This concert was very similar to last week where The Rock gave “history lessons.” The first two lessons were funny, and the last one was terrible. This week, the concert was quite humorous, but the ending was fairly weak.

    At the very least, I will say this is the best performance I have seen of The Rock since he came back a few weeks ago.

    John Cena’s rap and The Rock’s concert were entertaining, but did they add anything to the feud?

    My biggest problem is that there is no buildup to this match, only hyped up marketing and a bunch of juvenile insults being traded.

    For a match that is supposed to be “the biggest in history,” I was just hoping for a more serious storyline.

    What did you think of The Rock’s performance?

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