FIFA Street 4 Release in US and Canada Marks New Experience for Gamers

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FIFA Street 4 Release in US and Canada Marks New Experience for Gamers

FIFA Street 4 will be released in the US and Canada on 13 March 2012, and this is just what is needed for avid football video game lovers to have a perfect day.

FIFA Street 4 is to be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms, and its debut does not come without noise. Top gaming websites and reviewers have been analyzing the game from many different angles in the last few months.

Electronic Arts surely did not fail to play their part, contributing to the excitement all along, with sizzling trailers and updates on what is expected to be the first true quality street football experience.

Yes, gamers have reason for high expectations for the next football title in the FIFA franchise led by EA Sports.

Obviously, if the stakes are that high, it is undeniably because of the bold and fearless manner in which producer Sid Misra and director Gary Paterson portrayed the game during its build-up.

All things considered, there is no margin for error for EA—so what do the fans think? Their views will be widely exposed after they get their hands on the consoles, but right now it appears not everyone is happy.

Although FIFA Street 4’s online modes were anticipated to be nothing less than impressive, there have been a few complaints on EA’s official forums. According to NowGamer, one member explained:

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“After first trying the Online Team Up mode (very basic), and seeing that you can only use your created player, it was a disappointment but I can overlook it."

"After a few matches, I try to play a few ranked games and guess what? No real clubs! YOU CAN ONLY USE THE FAKE/CREATED PLAYERS ONLINE! This also stands for unranked/friendly matches as well.”

Certainly, this does not look too good for a start…

However, workers in the background of FIFA Street 4 can still hope for a successful opening in North America on 13 March 2012, as well as a top release in the UK on 16 March 2012.

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