NBA Rumors: Warrior Guard Monta Ellis to Orlando Heating Up

Hunter Konsens@HunterKonsensCorrespondent IIMarch 12, 2012

Monta Ellis Dwight Howard
Monta Ellis Dwight Howard

According to numerous reports, including one from Jarrod N. Rudolph of, trade talks between the Orlando Magic and Golden State Warriors have heated up substantially.

In this rumored deal, the Orlando Magic would lose small forward Hedo Turkoglu, marksman J.J. Redick, breakout star Ryan Anderson, Quentin Richardson and Daniel Orton. The Warriors, on the other hand, would have to ship star guard Monta Ellis, Dorell Wright and Andris Biedrins to the Magic. 

The New Orleans Hornets, who are attempting to unload themselves of Chris Kaman's cumbersome contract, are looking be included in this deal with hopes they could ship the former All-Star away from the organization.

Nothing is imminent, as many expect the teams to still be in the preliminary stages, but this does instill hope in Orlando Magic fans.

By acquiring a second star in Monta Ellis, Orlando's chances of keeping Dwight Howard improve considerably. Not only is Ellis a perfect complement to Howard, as he can distribute the ball effectively and shoot the mid-range jumper efficiently, but the 25-year-old shooting guard fills a major need Orlando has desired for quite some time: a player who can create a shot off the dribble.

Ellis is more than capable of finding ways to score, as he can penetrate and shoot from downtown. His 22 points per game average is a perfect testament to this.

Plus, Ellis, who was drafted out of high school, has improved his point guard skills. As of right now, Ellis is dishing out more assists per night as a shooting guard than current Magic starter Jameer Nelson is as a point guard. 

However, there are a few questions surrounding this Allen Iverson-esque player.

The most important is his maturity. Despite not having many recent problems regarding his attitude, his past issues have raised up a few eyebrows.

The second issue with Ellis is the fact that he is extremely undersized at the shooting guard position. With bigger shooting guards like Joe Johnson, Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen dominating the conference, there is no doubt that Ellis' size could become a problem come the postseason.

Nonetheless, a starting lineup of Nelson, Ellis, Wright, Glen Davis and Dwight Howard is promising. Even though this group is young, the team does possess a plethora of postseason experience.

The bench, though, will turn quite shallow if this deal comes to fruition, as much of their depth would be shipped to either Golden State or New Orleans.

The subs, which has been a strong point for the Magic for a couple seasons now, will be composed of Earl Clark, Von Wafer, Chris Duhon, Biedrins and Jason Richardson. Ouch.

Despite being a promising deal with potential, there are still many critics debating whether the Warriors would actually accept this offer. Marc Stein of ESPN reports that the Golden State Warriors do not find the offer too enticing and are more focused on trades with other teams.

A few teams that have been connected with Monta Ellis include the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks. In both trade scenarios, the Hawks or Bucks would have to give up their star player in either Joe Johnson or Andrew Bogut, respectively.

These two trade rumors do have a snag, however, as Golden State believes Ellis is a superior player to Johnson and Bogut is too injury-prone to acquire a heavy price.

In the end, Orlando has a few franchise-changing decisions to make. From deciding whether to ship Howard away or find him help in the form of a second star, the Magic's decisions will dictate Orlando's success for the next decade.