WWE's 10 Most Underrated & Underpushed Superstars & Divas

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIMarch 14, 2012

WWE's 10 Most Underrated & Underpushed Superstars & Divas

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    If it isn't used right, then it's wasted, and if that's the case, then the WWE is like a junkyard.

    The company has made a bad habit out of pushing aside some very talented superstars, relegating them to NXT and Superstars or even taking guys who should be getting elevated and turning them into jobbers.

    What has resulted is a WWE that's filled with wasted talent, with both superstars and Divas that are overlooked and under-appreciated.

    Some guys and gals are in their right spots on the card, and some get pushed higher than their talent level indicates they should. But perhaps most often, some very skilled superstars find themselves fighting just to get a spot on the card.

    Here are the WWE's 10 most underrated and underpushed superstars and Divas. 

10. Hunico

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    When the original Sin Cara (a.k.a. Mistico) was suspended for violating the WWE Talent Wellness Program last summer, he was replaced by a man named Hunico who was supposed to be nothing more than a temporary fill-in.

    Oddly enough, though, the fill-in proved to work better matches than the world-renowned Mistico. What resulted was Hunico feuding with Sin Cara and earning a full-time spot on the main roster.

    But once Hunico shed his Sin Cara gear, he was saddled with a ridiculously stereotypical "Mexican gangster" gimmick and has been the victim of what seem like start-and-stop pushes.

    It's a shame to think that he'll probably never be elevated higher than his current spot, while Sin Cara will be pushed to the moon when he returns.

    Prior to joining WWE, Hunico worked as "Incognito" in AAA, TNA and Chikara, and you can see that he's an experienced, reliable wrestler every time he steps in the ring.

    This isn't to say that he's a main eventer, but he's a very talented and agile performer who would probably be a great mid-carder if he had a better gimmick.

    I'd love to see Hunico highlighted for his talent, rather than having the WWE make a mockery of his heritage. 

9. Ted DiBiase

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    When Randy Orton's stable Legacy split in 2010, many fans thought that Ted DiBiase, not Cody Rhodes, would emerge as the biggest star of the group.

    That obviously hasn't happened yet, but after failing at trying to mimic his father's gimmick and generally not doing much as a heel, DiBiase has actually settled quite nicely into his role as a babyface.

    His gimmick is a fan-friendly one that features "DiBiase Posse Parties," where he tailgates with fans prior to WWE shows, but beyond that, there isn't much to him.

    That's such an easy character to get over with the fans because, if there's anything that fans love, it's a superstar that's willing to pay attention to them. Yet, the WWE hasn't done much with it, and has failed to capitalize on DiBiase's original face turn or his solid fan base he's built up since then.

    In-ring work has never been an issue for DiBiase, who's always been very solid in that category. But the WWE can't seem to get behind him as a solid mid-card babyface.

    DiBiase has the name value, the look and the wrestling ability, however, so hopefully, it's just a matter of time before he makes some noise. 

8. AJ

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    AJ has a firm spot on TV as the girlfriend of World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, but that's such a tremendous waste of her talent.

    Although she didn't win the all-female season of NXT, AJ was leaps and bounds better than the show's winner Kaitlyn and, I would argue, the best overall performer on the show. Yet, she has never gotten any real type of push as a wrestler.

    I think the WWE's missing a golden opportunity here.

    The company really needs to build up a new baby face Diva as the face of the Division, and that's exactly what AJ could be. Given that she's probably not even 100 pounds soaking wet, she could essentially become "the Rey Mysterio of the Divas division."

    Everyone seems to love an underdog story, and seeing someone who weighs 95 pounds win the WWE Divas title certainly fits that bill. 

7. Epico and Primo

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    You would think that the WWE Tag Team Champions would be a focal point on WWE TV, but this is the WWE we're talking about here.

    Although Epico and Primo do get some TV time here and there, they are largely absent from Raw and Smackdown, and even when they do appear on the show, it's generally not for much longer than five minutes or so. This is exactly what's wrong with the creative team.

    We see guys like David Otunga get pushed, while a very talented tag team (that just so happens to be the WWE Tag Team Champions for crying out loud) struggles to get on TV on a consistent basis.

    I'm not just complaining about the fact that the tag team titleholders aren't getting on TV, though--I'm also not thrilled that it's Epico and Primo who aren't being used right..

    Tag team wrestling is a far cry from what it once was, but Epico and Primo have all the elements you look for in a strong duo: Similar looks, matching attire, chemistry, in-ring skills, etc.

    They should be getting a strong push as the top heel tag team in the WWE, but I'll settle for a spot on Raw or Smackdown every week.

6. The Usos

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    Speaking of tag teams, what is the WWE's obsession with not using the Usos?

    The creative team feels this incessant need to pair up two guys like R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, who don't even go well together. Yet, it refuses to push a pair of twin brothers who make one heck of a tag team and, you know, actually fit well with each other.

    Over the last couple of years, Jimmy and Jey Uso have made tremendous strides as a tag team, and they should be one of the teams that leads the tag team rejuvenation in the WWE. But just about every time the Usos appear on Raw and Smackdown, it's to do job work.

    Although they often perform on Superstars or NXT, it's hard to get noticed on either of those shows when neither of them are on TV here in the United States.

    There is definitely a demand for an increased focus on tag team wrestling in the WWE, and the company has a solution to that problem in the Usos, a solution that it refuses to use. 

5. Trent Barreta

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    Trent Baretta is one of the WWE's most talented superstars who you may know nothing about it.

    As someone who's relegated almost exclusively to NXT and Superstars, chances are that you aren't very familiar with Baretta. But he's someone you might want to keep an eye on, assuming he's ever given a real chance to do something with himself.

    Ever since he split with fellow Dudebuster Caylen Croft, however, that hasn't happened.

    Baretta's struggled to find much of a character since parting ways with his tag team partner, but what he hasn't done is fail to show some amazing potential in the ring.

    I look to a match like this one against Tyson Kidd on Superstars, and it makes wonder when the WWE will get behind him.

    Baretta has some great in-ring skills, and (get this) he's still only 24 years old. I know he may not be big or have a great gimmick, but purely from a wrestling perspective, he's a guy who should stick around for a while...and get a push while he's here. 

4. Jack Swagger

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    Let's recall what happened to Jack Swagger just in the last nine days: He lost the United States Championship to Santino Marella on last week's Raw, failed to win it back in his rematch on Smackdown and then jobbed to Randy Orton on this week's Raw.

    That's such an unbelievable waste of one of the best pure wrestlers in the WWE.

    Say what you want about Swagger's lisp or inability to cut a promo, but he's incredibly talented in the ring, especially for a man who stands at 6'6" and weighs more than 260 pounds.

    Although he's been booked largely like a joke for the last two-plus years, Swagger has put on some great matches with a number of top WWE stars, such as The Undertaker, Christian and John Cena.

    Yet, Swagger's in-ring ability has been overshadowed by his struggles on the mic and his stale character, and he's gone from someone who should be booked like an unstoppable monster to someone who has a ridiculous combover.

    I'm not sure what the WWE's reasoning behind booking him like this is, but as he is arguably the most talented full-time big man in the company, it sucks to see it happen.

3. Natalya

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    Natalya has become so underrated that she's almost become overrated, but she's still maybe the best overall Diva in the WWE.

    You don't even need any real proof for that argument, either. All you need to do is watch Kelly Kelly or the Bella twins wrestle, and you'll say, "Yeah, Natalya's probably the best."

    But since you're going to want some proof, here's some: Natalya trained in the famous Hart family "Dungeon" and actually toured England and Japan prior to joining the WWE. You think Kaitlyn or Aksana did that before making their way to the company? Hell no.

    Natalya is one of the most experienced female wrestlers in the WWE, and after training in the Hart dungeon and wrestling across the world, it's pretty clear that she has established herself as the best technical wrestler in mainstream women's wrestling.

    Yet, what is she relegated to on WWE TV? A farting gimmick. Way to go, WWE, way to go.

2. Tyson Kidd

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    There must be something in the water in Canada because that country continues to produce some great wrestlers. Next up: Tyson Kidd.

    Kidd is perhaps the best example of talented being completely wasted in the WWE.

    He's only 31 years old, but he wrestled his first match way back in 1995 when he was just 15 years old and even competed at a WWE house show when he was just 16.

    Like Natalya, he also trained in the Hart family dungeon and spent time honing his skills in Japan for New Japan Pro Wrestling

    By the time Kidd had signed with WWE in 2006, he had already spent 11 years on the indy circuit and was one of the best pure wrestlers in the entire WWE immediately upon signing with the company.

    But he has not been able to do much of anything since splitting with his former Hart Dynasty tag team partner David Hart Smith a couple of years ago.

    He's been relegated largely to lower card and jobber roles, although he's established himself as the best performer on NXT and Superstars over the last year or so.

    There might be no greater performer in a worse position on the card than Kidd, who's used Superstars as his platform for some superb matches with guys like Daniel Bryan and Trent Barreta.

1. Kofi Kingston

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    Kofi Kingston must feel like he's living the same year over and over again.

    He debuted in the WWE in January 2008, and he's been in basically the exact same position on the card ever since then. While he's never been a lower-card worker and has only tasted the main event, Kingston's has essentially been a solid mid-carder for his entire WWE career.

    It's like the WWE has enough faith on him to put on good matches (which he always does), but after his brief main event run against Randy Orton in late 2009, the company doesn't trust him enough to elevate him to World title contention.

    We see Kingston's incredible athleticism highlighted often (like during the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber matches this year), but he's hardly ever given a chance to cut promos (and thus, improve on the mic) and can't seem to get past that United States and Intercontinental Championship scene.

    While there are certainly worse positions to be in than Kingston's, he's gotta be going crazy staying in the same spot on the WWE ladder, and his amazing talent makes him worthy of taking a step up it.

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