20 Most Clever Goal Celebrations in World Football History

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIMarch 14, 2012

20 Most Clever Goal Celebrations in World Football History

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    World football has seen some pretty clever goal celebrations over the years.

    Most celebrations nowadays are a strong showing of emotion, with either a scream and run to to the sidelines or a fist-pump. While that is completely fine, it's always good to see some clever celebrations once in a while.

    The celebrations on this list are all clever and, sometimes, a bit controversial. Some may be poking fun at certain situations, their opponent or even allegations, and the others are just strictly good fun.

    Here are the 20 most clever goal celebrations in World Football History.

Gone Fishing

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    This Icelandic team, Stjarnan, will be in this slideshow a few more times and deservedly so. Heck, they even ended up in an ESPN Outside the Lines article.

    The execution and ingenuity in this celebration make it a very worthy candidate for this list. The "fish" flops around pretty realistically and the photo for posterity caps it all off. All of this after a cheeky penalty as well.

Ian Wright Presents Paolo Di Canio vs. Paul Alcock

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    Just a little while after Paolo Di Canio was suspended and fined for pushing referee Paul Alcock, Ian Wright and his teammates re-enacted the incident.

    It surely didn't take a lot of time to create but it was original and clever nonetheless.

Bebeto "Rocking the Cradle"

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    Bebeto's "Rocking the Baby" celebration was introduced in the 1994 World Cup and has been used many times since that moment.

    It was a creative way for the player to let the world know about his joy and it was a clean and fun celebration.

Peter Crouch Doing the Robot

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    Whoever thought doing "The Robot" would be a clever way to celebrate a goal? Peter Crouch of course.

    His fun, yet awkward, robot dance was is another example of creativity after scoring goals. Like pretty much all the entries in this slideshow, that element of originality makes this a pretty good candidate for this list.

Paul Gascoigne in the Dentist Chair

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    I'm not going to say I knew about this before doing this slideshow but it had to be on this list after I found it.

    After being criticized for a drinking incident in the lead up to the European Championships, Paul Gascoigne and the England team came up with this clever little celebration to poke fun at the incident.

Craig Bellamy Goes Golfing

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    Here's another celebration where a player makes fun of a much-talked about incident. Craig Bellamy was believed to have threatened his then teammate John Arne Riise with a clubbing after he refused to join in on some karaoke.

    Bellamy decided he'd show everyone how good his swing was in a quick little moment. There's nothing like making fun of some in-team drama to make a clever celebration.

Bicycle Celebration

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    Another good one here from Stjarnan FC. The main theme with all their celebrations on this list is just plain fun but there is also a ton of creativity involved.

    The setup time for particular celebration is pretty quick and, again, the execution is solid. While their celebrations have nothing to do with football, the originality and fun element make them all clever.

Robbie Fowler Did What?

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    There were rumours amongst Everton fans that Robbie Fowler used certain illegal products during his downtime.

    He got back at them by firstly banging in the penalty and then making fun of their claims. It was clever, though controversial, in the moment but in hindsight it got him a suspension and fine.

Jimmy Bullard's Phil Brown Imitation

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    Remember when Hull manager Phil Brown made his halftime team talk in one corner of the pitch? His players certainly did.

    Jimmy Bullard and his teammates re-enact the moment and make fun of their coach in a pretty funny, and clever, celebration. Phil Brown liked it as well.

Fight Club Celebration

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    Is their a better way to get back at your former team than to score against them and conjure up a great celebration? FC Nordsjaelland striker Bajram Fetai didn't think so.

    scored against his former club Silkeborg in a game and proceeded to knockout all his teammates. Why? He was apparently kicked off Silkeborg for fighting.

Jurgen Klinsmann's Dive

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    The dive celebration itself comes about two minutes into this video.

    Jurgen Klinsmann came to England with a reputation for hitting the ground a little to easily and was not afraid to make fun of that when he scored the game-winning goal in his debut.

    It became a pretty common celebration thereafter.

Shakira Impersonation

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    Finnish third division side HIK's Brazilian striker, Marcello Matrone has some pretty great celebrations on YouTube.

    This rendition of Shakira's song "Waka Waka", yeah I'm at a loss too, gets top marks for the appearance of Gerard Pique at the end. It's always funny to see original celebrations like that.

Human Toilet Celebration

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    Stjarnan gets on this list one more time with another excellent, funny and clever celebration. Why they decided to come up with someone using a toilet as a goal celebration is anyone's guess.

    The lifting of the toilet seat and the paper reading at the end cap off another great entry from this team.

Joey Barton Is Knighted

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    Did you ever think you would see Joey Barton get knighted? I highly doubt it. The fact that he wasn't even the goal-scorer makes it funnier.

    It was a great celebration from Barton and teammate Bernado Corradi and it was certainly one of a kind.

Edmilson Ferreira Impersonates Bugs Bunny

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    After scoring a goal in a game against rivals America-Belo Horizonte, whose nickname was the "The Rabbits," Atletico Mineiro's Edmilson Ferreira decided it was time for a nutritious meal.

    He pulled a carrot out of his shorts and starting eating it in front of rival fans. Needless to say, the reactions from both opposition fans and players was quite heated. Still, its a pretty clever way to celebrate a goal if you consider the circumstances.

Ken Ilso Bowls over His Teammates

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    This celebration is definitely worthy of this list. FC Midtjylland striker Ken Ilso gets some help from his teammates with this celebration against FC Copenhagen.

    It's pretty simple but the whole idea of using bowling to celebrate your goal is original and quite amusing. Looks like the Nordic club teams love to get creative.

Aylesbury Duck Celebration

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    The goal and celebration start at about the 2.50 mark.

    Aylesbury United's nickname is "The Ducks" and they used that to good effect with this celebration. They became known for their celebration during the team's run to the third round of the FA Cup in 1994-95.

    It's a good bit of fun from this side as they impersonate ducks on a pond in clever fashion.

Brisbane Roar Take a Kayaking Trip

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    After Ivan Franjic blasts home a fantastic long-range strike he and some of his teammates from the Brisbane Roar present a pretty good version of a kayak.

    It was a great group celebration and definitely up there with the likes of Stjarnan FC's various entries. The use of the flagpole and the movement make it all pretty good to watch. Not sure why Franjic's part of the kayak and not doing the kayaking himself but hey.

Can I Get a Round of Applause?

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    How about this for a clever celebration?

    After scoring a pretty good goal, Castleton Gabriel's Matthew Russell decides their wasn't enough fans in the stand to appreciate his effort and runs in the stands to applaud himself.

    It may or may not have irked is opponents a little but it was a cheeky and amusing celebration from Russell.

I Have Two Shirts

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    The goal and celebration start at about the 1.55 mark here.

    While most players who rip off their shirts after scoring a goal usually have to carry them or pick them up from where they dropped them, Marcelo had no problems with that.

    Though it must have been pretty hot under there, Marcelo played in two shirts until he finally scored and was able to rip off his shirt with joy and hand throw it to one lucky fan. That little piece of ingenuity gets him on this list.