Erin Andrews: Will ESPN Renew Journalist's Expiring Contract?

Zachary D. RymerMLB Lead WriterMarch 12, 2012

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 04:  Sportscaster Erin Andrews arrives at Rolling Stone's Bacardi Bash: 150 Years of Rocking The Party at The Crane Bay on February 4, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images  for Rolling Stone's Volkswagen Rock & Roll Tailgate)
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Imagine a world where Erin Andrews was no longer working for ESPN.

Believe it or not, this could actually become a reality very soon.

Richard Deitsch of has the details. Here's part one:

ESPN confirmed that the ACC Tournament is the last scheduled assignment for Erin Andrews. Her contract (and others) are coming up. (1/2)

— Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) March 12, 2012

And part two:

Should be interesting to see who remains at ESPN (and what assignments those who stay get) over the next couple of months. Stay tuned (2/2).

— Richard Deitsch (@richarddeitsch) March 12, 2012

So, to clarify, this is not a situation where Andrews is in danger of being fired, nor are we talking about her quitting her post at ESPN.

We're merely talking about her and the Worldwide Leader possibly parting ways.

A rumor started circulating on Twitter today that it has already been decided that Andrews will be leaving ESPN, but that rumor has since been revealed to be untrue.

ESPN public relations honcho Josh Krulewitz went out of his way to shoot it down:

Bogus report about Erin Andrews that people are retweeting. We're hopeful to have her continue with ESPN

— Josh Krulewitz (@jksports) March 12, 2012

Even still, notice the key words in this tweet are "hopeful to have her continue."

That's not exactly a promise, nor is it an indication that Andrews and ESPN are nearing a continuation of their partnership.

Makes sense.

Pardon me for speculating, but I'm assuming that Andrews will take a look around to see what other opportunities are out there before re-upping with ESPN.

No doubt there are other media outlets out there that would love to bring Andrews aboard, and she could indeed choose to leave the Worldwide Leader if the price is right.

Just throwing it out there.

What I do know for sure is that it would be weird to see Andrews doing work somewhere else besides ESPN.

She's been a mainstay at ESPN ever since 2004, and you don't need me to tell you that her popularity has steadily increased ever since she first joined the Worldwide Leader.

She was on Dancing with the Stars, for crying out loud.

Say what you will about Andrew's talents (or lack thereof) as a journalist, but popularity counts for a lot in television. 

Or so I'm told.


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