Are the New York Yankees Wrong for Spending This Winter?

Dave MilazzoContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

OK, most people around baseball I have talked to think the way the Yankees are spending is completely irresponsible and bad for baseball. I disagree with that. As a season ticket holder I expect my team to put the best product on the field and feel owed it. Hear me out...


I'm paying into them over $100 a ticket for rather mediocre seats, the equivalent price would get me near the dug outs in most other parks. What I'm getting at, is that I pay a premium to be a fan of the Yankees and Yankee revenue is absurd. The Yankee revenue is literally 70% more than any other team in baseball (including the other so called big market teams, LA, Boston, Mets).


Going to the new stadium, Yankee revenue is predicted to be doubles that of other teams. So if my team is taking in over 700 million, it's only fair those fat cats put a large chunk of it back out onto the field, to that end I do not feel bad about it, for even a second


They also pay more in luxury taxes that are more than what some teams spend in salary! They make so much money from tickets (every game sold out) and merchandise (the Yankees hat is the No. 1 sold hat in the world) than they even spend on players. Japan has an increasing number of Yankees fans as well.


This brings the argument about a salary cap in baseball. In my opinion it’s never going to happen. I think a cap should be implemented but I believe if the cap is lower than what the Yankees are spending right now than there needs to be a minimal cap way higher than what the Marlins are spending.


It blows my mind how a team like that can complain about what the Yankees are spending, when they are not even putting money into their organization enough to be serous contenders for more than a year. What will probably happen is a revise in the collective barging agreement and arranges the luxury tax system.


I also think the “Evil Empire” spending is another reason why TV ratings in baseball will continue to rise. When the Yankees draw nearly full road stadiums where ever they go, baseball and opposing teams reap the profits generated. The Yankees are also on target to lower their payroll in 2009.


They have started a philosophy, lead by Brain Cashman last year, to hold onto and develop young players. With talent such as Austin Jackson, Robinson Cano, Melky Cabrera, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Chien Ming Wang, and Ian Kennedy the Yankees have to good future ahead and chips to deal for a tweak in the summer.