Rain ManCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

The problem with the North Carolina Tar Heels lately is that they have been too overconfident, as if they expect their opponents to play dead like pet dogs. As a result, when UNC falls behind, they panic like a 6-year-old facing Chuck Norris, and start making careless, dumb decisions!

When teams start double-teaming and punishing Tyler Hansbrough, UNC will lose confidence, especially when they face a team with a good defense. This is a bad sign because they don't want to play defense!

Wake Forest and Boston College could have brought in five cheerleaders and they would have still scored on UNC's lackluster D. Roy is doing everything he can to try to make the team better, but the players, except for Danny Green, just don't want to listen. That means they will come out FLAT, and get FLAT outplayed and out-hustled.

We can fix this before the Duke game by beating Virginia, Miami, and Clemson (who we almost lost to twice last year), FSU, NC State, and Maryland (who UNC lost to last year). We have the talent to win all these games, but they just have to improve the D and the shooting, or the Heels will not beat Duke—period.

Go Tar Heels! Beat Virginia.

Now, don't get me wrong, WF is good, and I will not take anything away from them (the BC loss is no excuse, though). But UNC should have done a better job at defending.

After all, defense wins championships!