WWE Raw: What to Expect from the Rock and John Cena Tonight

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIMarch 12, 2012


Tonight on Monday Night Raw, we will be forced to watch John Cena and the Rock in a war of words yet again. The catch is that tonight the Rock will be performing a “Rock Concert” and John Cena will be battle rapping. The subject of both musical performances will obviously be about each other.

As entertaining as this could be, is it time for both men to start getting serious?

For the last several weeks, we have seen these two go at it like a couple of children. Thus far, neither of them has said anything that has had any substance or merit.  The insults they exchange typically come across as childish and repetitive.

Here is what I believe tonight will sound like:

John Cena: Yo, yo, yo!  Johnny Subpoena aka Super Cena all up in here!  Yo, the Rock gonna get socked and there nothing he can do!  He gonna get knocked when I hit five moves of doom!  Dwayne, you so plain, I wish the Rock was back!  If you see him, tell him I got my balls back!  Stay in school, kids!  You can learn to have a thug accent on and off like me!

The Rock: Let me play you guys something a little soft. No, not quite as soft as John Cena. Listen to me, John.  John, listen to me. Just listen. The Rock is gonna win this fight! After I make you eat this mic. All I see in you is fear! Too bad you can’t grow a beard! I am known as the people’s champ! You are only a transvestite tramp. Team Bring it!

If you insert a few fart jokes and 10-year-old catchphrases, I feel like that is fairly accurate.

For the first week or two, I was totally on board with how the WWE was handling this. However, WrestleMania is in less than three weeks. I am tired of the fake insults and constant smirking. Right now I want to see these men get serious and maybe even get into a brawl. I need something more than name-calling every single week to get me excited about this fight.

After a year of marketing and advertising, I personally am finding this feud stale. Nothing the Rock or John Cena has done in the last few weeks has gotten me really excited.

I also think that when the WWE is trying to force a 50-50 split among the fans, then everything comes across as strained. Since the Rock controlled the majority of the crowd, the WWE has done everything to make John Cena look better over the last few weeks.

In reality, the WWE has done everything in their power to boost Cena’s popularity for the last several months. First they attached him to Zack Ryder’s rising star. Then they had guys like Roddy Piper and Mick Foley trying to brainwash the audience into embracing Cena. Of course, how could we forget when the writer’s tried to use reverse psychology and have Kane tell the crowd that “When you boo John Cena, you are actually booing yourselves.”  

This would have been an excellent feud if the WWE did not force everything. No one can really tell if the Rock is being held back and no one understands why John Cena must have the last word every night.

What do you wish would happen between the Rock and John Cena tonight and going forward? I want to hear from the fans as to what they need to see to get excited for the upcoming match.

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Keep it classic, all!