Peyton Manning May End Tebow Time & Kris Humphries vs. Kim Kardashian: BR5 3/12

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Today's episode of BR5 gets you up to date on everything from Peyton Manning's world tour to David Price's drying skills.

Tim Tebow is still awesome, but Denver wants Peyton Manning.  Preston Winslow is an adorable four-year-old Tebow fan who is suffering from leukemia.  Tebow was in Tampa to host a training event for members of D1, a sports facility he co-owns, so of course he stopped by and spent some time with Young Preston.

Tebow also visited a wounded vet while in Tampa.  Who wouldn’t want a guy like Tebow leading their team?  Well, the Denver Post says that 66% of Broncos fans, that’s who.  Those fans want Peyton Manning and reports are they might be close to getting him.  Maybe having Peyton to mentor Tebow is a good thing, and maybe that’s what the poll takers were thinking. 

Kris Humphries has scored a lawyer to represent him in his divorce proceedings against Kim Kardashian.  The only problem is he hired Kris Humphries...hopefully he got him for cheap. Humphries' LA attorney apparently withdrew from the case, leaving Kris to fend for himself, until he finds a replacement.

TMZ is reporting that Allen Iverson was involved in a financial ruling, and this time he actually won.  That's right, the fiscally troubled former NBA star is still entitled to a four million dollar judgement he won in 2010, even though the guy he sued claimed bankruptcy.  The judge ruled in A.I.'s favor, claiming Martin Sepulveda still owed Iverson money over faulty construction done to his Georgia home.

Good thing too.  AI could use the four million to help pay off his other lawsuits and that pesky jeweler bill. 

The fight of the century might have to wait a little longer, but not if Mike Tyson can help it.  A criminal complaint has been filed against Manny Pacquiao from the revenue service in the Philippines for failure to submit documents to investigators looking into his tax returns.  If convicted, the boxer could face up to two years in prison.  But, speaking to Detroit's WXYT, Mike Tyson said, if he were president he'd throw Pacquiao and Mayweather in jail if they couldn't agree to the bout the world wants.

In true Tyson fashion, he also said he'd impeach himself if he was the president.

Good news, Tampa Bay Rays fans, David Price’s spring training neck injury is not serious.  The bad news is it will probably happen again.  Apparently Price hurt his neck while, wait for it...toweling off.
Price said: “The towel just catches the back of my head and it pulls my neck forward... It's spasms, there's a little pop and it just spasms up and gets a little tight.''
We’re not doctors here at BR5, David, but we suggest not doing that.  The strangest part of the story is that Price has injured himself twice before by being heavy handed with towels.  Price tweeted out that the coaching staff put up a warning sign near the malicious towels. And to poke fun at Price, of course.

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