Matt Flynn Rumors: Ranking Each Possible Landing Spot

Vincent Frank@VincentFrankNFLCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2012

Matt Flynn Rumors: Ranking Each Possible Landing Spot

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    Once Peyton Manning finds his new home most of the attention is going to turn to Matt Flynn at the quarterback position on the free-agent market.

    He is arguably the best quarterback on the market after Manning, which means that a bunch of different needy franchises are going to take a look at him.

    While they should do so with a certain level of concern considering that Flynn has started just a handful of games in the NFL, these teams are going to be looking at the tremendous amount of upside that he brings to the table.

    This article is going to take a look at the five most likely destinations for the young quarterback.

5. San Francisco 49ers

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    The San Francisco 49ers and Alex Smith appear to be at a stalemate in regards to contract negotiations. If this situation spills over into free agency, you can expect the 49ers to look at options outside the organization.

    Options here include Josh Johnson and Kyle Orton.

    Obviously there are going to be some unsubstantiated rumors that San Francisco could be kicking the tires on Peyton Manning, but that just doesn't seem to be the case right now.

    In order to put some pressure on Alex Smith to re-sign, you can fully expect the 49ers to bring in a couple free-agent quarterbacks this week.

    No one make more sense than Matt Flynn.

    He is a young quarterback with a tremendous amount of upside. Flynn also fits the mold of what Jim Harbaugh is looking for in a signal-caller.

    Don't get me wrong, the more likely scenario here is that the 49ers do re-sign Smith.

4. Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks are said to be interested in Peyton Manning. However, it doesn't appear that he has much interest in them.

    I am not entirely sure what this means for Tarvaris Jackson, but I think it is safe to assume that Seattle is intent on looking at other options in regards to the quarterback position.

    Why not? Jackson is nothing better than a marginal starting quarterback at this point.

    Seattle has about $35 million in salary cap room, which means that they can make a nice offer to Flynn if they decide he is worth it.

3. Denver Broncos

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    Reports indicate that the Denver Broncos will look into trading Tim Tebow if they acquire Peyton Manning. Well, this doesn't bode well for his future in the Mile High City.

    Most "experts' were working under the assumption that John Elway wasn't happy about Tebow and was looking for a "real" franchise quarterback.

    Recent events suggest that this might be the case.

    If the Broncos strike out on Manning, which isn't a forgone conclusion, they are going to be in a difficult position.

    By not showing confidence in Tebow they have set forth a fire-storm in terms of the quarterback position moving forward.

    There remains a strong possibility that they look at Flynn if this scenario plays out.

2. Miami Dolphins

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    The Miami Dolphins No. 1 target remains Peyton Manning and he is set to meet with them tomorrow. With that said, they might have to go to a backup option if the future Hall of Fame quarterback chooses the Denver Broncos or Arizona Cardinals instead.

    If this happens, you can expect the Dolphins to make a play for Matt Flynn.

    There are obvious connections here as Joe Philbin, the Dolphins new head coach, was Flynn's offensive coordinator with the Green Bay Packers.

    This is all predicated on the Manning situation, like so many things quarterback related are right now.

1. Cleveland Browns

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    To say that the Cleveland Browns are showing a lack of confidence in Colt McCoy would be a gross understatement.

    They apparently made a strong push to acquire the No. 2 overall pick in order to select Robert Griffin III. This trade offer was reported to include three first-round picks.

    While I personally believe that Cleveland needs to give McCoy a chance to succeed with some actual weapons on the offensive side of the ball, I am not too sure that the Browns front office sees it this way.

    If that is the case, you can pretty much pencil the Browns in as the favorites to land Matt Flynn.