Peyton Manning Rumors: Why Broncos Fans Must Forget Tim Tebow

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIMarch 12, 2012

Quarterback Peyton Manning may soon force Denver Broncos fans to let Tim Tebow slip from their memories.

Amidst rumors of a potential Manning signing, Broncos faithful should embrace the move with open arms.

At 8-8, the Broncos won the AFC West last season. After narrowly defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of playoffs, Denver was destroyed by the New England Patriots.

With Peyton Manning calling the shots, Denver can easily compete with anyone in the division and prove 2011 was no fluke.

If Manning chooses the Broncos over the Arizona Cardinals as his 2012 destination, Denver fans must immediately ditch hopeful thoughts of what might have been with Tebow.

Not convinced Manning can propel the Denver Broncos further than Tebow ever will?

Here are the pros and cons of each quarterback:



Tim Tebow - Cons

In 23 games played in his young career, Tebow has completed 47.3 percent of his passes. His career quarterback rating is 75.1.

In 2011, Tebow's passer rating was 72.9, ranking him the seventh lowest of 34 quarterbacks. He is also lowest on the same list for yards per game with 124.

His 1,729 passing yards were the eighth lowest of 40 quarterbacks.

Consider this: Both Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks John Skelton and Kevin Kolb threw for over 1,900 yards in 2011. In Carson Palmer's 10 games with the Oakland Raiders, he threw for over 2,700 yards.

The bottom line is, Tim Tebow's accuracy is bad.

Tebow is working with UCLA's offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone this offseason on throwing mechanics. Yet questions will remain unanswered until next season.

Will Tebow adjust his technique or be set in his ways? Will the alterations translate to games and improve his talent?

This is certainly not the type of thing Denver fans enjoy sitting around until the first game in September to find out.


In 2011, Tebow also showed an inability to hang onto the ball. His six fumbles were only outdone by two other players in the NFL across all positions.

Fumble-itis and inaccuracy. Two egregious characteristics for a quarterback to possess.


Tim Tebow - Pros

Tebow is a powerful leader.

He proved his leadership abilities steering the Denver Broncos to six come-from-behind victories in the 2011 regular season.

With Tebow as the conductor, the Denver train never seemed to lose steam, even when down 15.

When he's on the field, he's hard to bet against. Even if he does have poor accuracy.

Fast and strong, his play-making capabilities with his legs make him a dual threat to pass or run.

If defenses play too deep, Tebow picks up first downs on the ground. Assigning one man to Tebow frees up receivers for easy gains.

His versatility led to a variety of play-calling options and the tenacity to keep plays alive when the pocket collapsed.

Furthermore, Tebow hasn't shown the proclivity to throw interceptions. In 271 attempts in 2011, Tebow threw only six interceptions.

It wasn't until Dec. 24 against the Buffalo Bills that Tebow had his first multiple-interception game in 2011.

He'll enter the 2012 season at 25 years old, so he also has youth on his side.

Leadership, foot speed, and the avoidance of interceptions are fantastic qualities to own for any quarterback.

Unfortunately, his cons heavily outweigh his pros.


Peyton Manning - Cons


Manning will be 36 at the start of next season.

Coming off of an undisclosed amount of neck surgeries which sidelined him for the entire 2011 season, many feared Manning would never play in the NFL again.

Between age and injuries, he's certainly no spring chicken.

Though health concerns are the only real con regarding Manning, it's one so large it can't be ignored.

Obviously, Manning's status alarmed the Indianapolis Colts enough to cut their franchise quarterback.

Can he bounce back? Will he be effective in 2012? Is the reward worth the risk?

We all have to wait seven months to find out.


Peyton Manning - Pros

Only twice in his 14-year career has Manning thrown for fewer than 4,000 yards. In those two seasons, he threw for 3,700 yards.

Only three times has he had a passer rating lower than 90.

Manning has thrown 26 touchdowns or more every season. He's thrown more than 20 interceptions only twice.

He's a Super Bowl champion and an 11-time Pro Bowler.

Manning is also the active leader in passes completed, passing yards, passing touchdowns, comebacks and game-winning drives.

The reward is definitely worth the risk.


Tebow vs. Manning: Final Comparison

In 23 games over two seasons, Tebow hasn't even come close to producing what Manning routinely does season after season.

Even in Manning's rookie season, where he suffered his lowest passer rating and threw a personal-worst 28 interceptions, he threw 2,000 more yards and twice as many touchdowns as Tebow.


Peyton Manning's worst season was better than Tim Tebow's first two seasons combined.

The risk involved in signing Manning is short-term. If he's unhealthy and doesn't work out, he'll likely retire and the Denver Broncos can start over or return the reins to Tebow (unless he's traded).

Finding out Tebow is a bust after three or four years while watching quarterbacks in free agency and the draft become stars for other teams is worse.

If Manning says he's healthy and the Denver Broncos have an opportunity to sign him, then forget about Tim Tebow.

Sign Peyton Manning. Win now.