Is Vincent Lecavalier Heading to Montreal?

Matt EichelSenior Writer IJanuary 12, 2009

Now that the Mats Sundin saga has finally finished, a new saga has begun as it once again involves the Montreal Canadiens.

With controversy swirling around the Tampa Bay Lightning franchise amongst the ownerships all the way down to ice level, the Lightning are possibly gearing up to rebuild a once powerful Southeast Division franchise.

After dealing Brad Richards, part of the "Big Three" in Tampa, the Lightning have gone to their younger players, such as No. 1 overall draft pick in 2008 Steven Stamkos, who has floundered in the NHL thus far this season.

Now, the dismantling has opened a new chapter, this time involving captain Vincent Lecavalier.

Even with rumours that Lecavalier had an inkling to sign with the Montreal Canadiens when he was a free agent before he signed with Tampa, Lecavalier decided to stay where he has been his entire career.

Trade rumours have once again started to swirl around both Lecavalier and certain players in the Canadiens lineup, including Chris Higgins, who was a possible cog in a Sundin trade at the deadline last spring.

Higgins has been on the outside when it comes to being dealt to another team.  His nagging injuries which have kept him out of most seasons in Montreal, have hindered his progress in Montreal to become the prototypical power forward the Canadiens planned him to be.

Other names that have been thrown around in a possible deal for Lecavalier to head to Montreal include center Tomas Plekanec, who is starting to get out of his slump after putting up more than 60 points last season.  

Canadian Junior defensive star PK Subban has also been mentioned in a trade along with a first-round pick in the upcoming draft.

The Lightning are looking for big value when it comes to possibly moving their top star. Another possible name is hard-hitting defenseman Mike Komisarek, but the most mentioned names have been Plekanec, Higgins, and Subban.

Lecavalier's $85 million price tag would help Tampa to get the room to improve and move on.  With so many upcoming free agents, Lecavalier could become the center around which GM Bob Gainey builds the Canadiens for the future.

Yet, it's all speculation.



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