Manchester United vs. West Brom: Player Ratings from Red Devils' 2-0 Win

Ryan Day@theryanedwardCorrespondent IMarch 11, 2012

Manchester United vs. West Brom: Player Ratings from Red Devils' 2-0 Win

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    C'mon, did anyone really expect a different result?

    With West Bromwich Albion just four places above relegation, hosts Manchester United coasted to a win. The same couldn't be said for cross-town rivals Manchester City, as they lost to Swansea City and their grip on first-place in the Premier League.

    Wayne Rooney again opened the scoring in the 35th minute and then knocked home a penalty kick in the 71st minute to put some icing on the cake.

    It might have been all Rooney on the scoreline, but was he the best player on the pitch? Check out how all the players rated, and let me know if you agree!


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    David De Gea: 7.0

    Put in another fine display in front of goal, but after stopping a few shots early by the visiting Baggies, had very little to do as his defensive back line did such a good job he only faced three shots on goal. But hey, a clean sheet's a clean sheet, right?


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    Patrice Evra: 7.0

    Wonderful on the left flank, playing with a lot of energy and feeding the ball well to Chicharito in the midfield. Played with quickness and displayed as much agility as he did stamina.


    Rio Ferdinand: 7.0

    Physical play, great clearances, a number of dispossessions. Not much more you could ask for. The Baggies didn't challenge him as much as Jones, however, and that's a big part of why he looked so solid.


    Jonathan Evans: 6.5

    Had a great first half, but struggled to keep pace with the Baggies forwards, especially Fortune, in the second half. Had his hands full when Shane Long came on in the waning minutes to try and provide a spark for the visitors.


    Phil Jones: 6.0

    Not a good first half, as he was quick to support the midfield, but had a few off-target passes and a number of wasted chances. Improved dramatically in the second half, however.


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    Ashley Young: 8.0

    Against Athletic Bilbao, he struggled to keep pace the whole match. This time, he was energetic, supported Evra on defense and completely dominated his opponent—Gabriel Tamas—on the wing.


    Paul Scholes: 8.5

    Man of the match. Absolutely necessary in the midfield. Ran the team like you'd hope a 37-year-old would—with class and composure. He even put in a couple of tackles. Not bad for a grizzled veteran, eh?


    Danny Welbeck: 7.5

    Fed the ball to the midfield well and played with the composure of someone 10 years his senior. Gifted Chicharito and Young with several great passes.


    Michael Carrick: 7.0

    An incredible—and underrated—part of the club's win tonight. Was all over the pitch, supporting the defense when needed and inching up to support the attack when the pace dictated.


    Paul Pogba: 6.5

    Replaced Scholes and made sure not to do anything that would prevent United from netting three points on the day.


    Tom Cleverly: 6.5

    Nothing of note, as the rarely used youngster played just a handful of minutes. Good to see him off the bench, however.


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    Wayne Rooney: 8.0

    Even though he scored both of United's goals, there was something missing in his performance. Played very well, but there was more juice to be squeezed from this lemon. Could have easily gotten one more goal in the first half. Was unstoppable in the second half, but why'd it take so long to get him going?


    Javier Hernandez: 7.0

    If not for an offside call early in the match and an unlucky shot that hit the post minutes later, the Mexican international might have made the final score 3-0 or 4-0. Where are the goals lately?