2012 NFL Free Agency: Brandon Jacobs Could Help the Philadelphia Eagles

Giorgos KassakosAnalyst IMarch 11, 2012

Brandon Jacobs will hit the free agency after seven years as a Giant.
Brandon Jacobs will hit the free agency after seven years as a Giant.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The New York Giants announced on Friday that they will release Brandon Jacobs. After seven years and two Super Bowl rings, the Giants decided to restructure Jacobs’ contract, but since they couldn’t agree to terms, the 29-year-old running back was cut.

The Philadelphia Eagles have not re-signed Ronnie Brown and don’t seem interested in retaining his services. Brown didn’t have the production the Eagles expected, and LeSean McCoy had to carry the load on his own. McCoy and Brown never formed a dangerous “one-two” punch, but that was Brown’s fault—McCoy went to the Pro Bowl.

Dion Lewis did a nice job as the No. 3 running back, and taking into consideration that he was on his rookie year, he may turn out to be a legit threat as McCoy’s backup.

However, it would be wise to have an experienced player behind McCoy. You can never be sure when injuries will come your way, and the Eagles don’t want to be left with Lewis and a couple of unproven players in case McCoy suffers a setback.

Jacobs is relatively old for a running back, nearing the unpleasing number 30. He comes from his statistically worst season since 2006, averaging only 40.8 yards per game and a total of just 571 rushing yards in 152 attempts. Despite that, he still managed to get in the end zone seven times.

The repellent aspect of Jacobs is his big mouth. Jacobs didn’t hesitate to respond to Rex Ryan after the Giants-Jets game in December, telling him to “shut up” and calling him a “disrespectful bastard.” When Giselle Bundchen (Tom Brady’s wife) complained about the performance of the Patriots’ receivers, Jacobs said, "She just needs to continue to stay cute and shut up."

Jacobs would make more than $4 million if he stayed with the Giants. The Super Bowl holders had to create some cap space and tried to do that with a restructured deal to Eli Manning and another one to Jacobs, but the latter was not satisfied with the offer.

The Eagles should be able to sign Jacobs with no more than $2 million to $2.5 million. If they feel that he couldn’t disrupt the locker room atmosphere, they should explore that option.