Massa Gets His Driving Gloves On at Mugello

Anne DoeCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Felipe Massa's first run in the Ferrari's shiny new F60 (click here for Ryan's Article and more pictures) got underway at Mugello today.



This year's shakedown came a little later than last year, but hey, better late than never. As well as a different driver presenting this years car (it was Kimi Raikkonen last year), it was also staged at a different track.

Mugello played host to the F60 shakedown this year, instead of the Fiorano where the F2008 was presented. This was, apparently, due to weather conditions; but as Ferrari own both tracks, it doesn't exactly hurt them.

The car itself doesn't look too bad. It doesn't have nearly as many winglets as last years car, due to the new regulations. I liked the aerodynamic winglets but c'est la vie.

Massa took to the track, according to Autosport, at 10:35 Italian time, and again at 10:55.

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