Ranking NCAA Bracketologists: Who to Trust with Your Bracket

Wes ODonnell@wesodonnellFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2012

Ranking NCAA Bracketologists: Who to Trust with Your Bracket

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    When it comes to the NCAA tournament, sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. This goes for the teams on the court and the people who fill out brackets off the court.

    Projecting the wins and losses in a field of 68 is never easy, and even the wisest can't guarantee victory.

    They can try, though, and knowing who to trust when the time comes to fill out the bracket is as important as picking the winner of the big dance.

    So when you're stuck trying to figure out which sleeper team will advance to the Sweet 16, these are the "experts" you should be checking with.


    Lead image courtesy of ESPN.com.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN

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    He may get too much publicity and you may not like him, but Joe Lunardi does his job well and is one of the best bracketologists in the field.

    When projecting the NCAA tournament field, one must be cognizant of anything and everything.

    Joe does that as well as anyone.

    Unlike some of the others on this list, Lunardi does bracketology and only bracketology for ESPN. When the Worldwide Leader talks about the NCAA tournament, a Lunardi appearance is typically not far behind.

    He's extremely up-to-date with his information, and people routinely click back to ESPN to check his most recent posts on who's in and who's out.

    Lunardi is even credited as being the creator of bracketology.

Jordan Schwartz, FOX and Bleacher Report

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    According to the Bracket Project, Jordan Schwartz was last year's most accurate bracketologist.

    It is unlikely that he'll be the most accurate yet again (it is rather difficult to pull off), but the FOX Sports and Bleacher Report writer should be one particular person you listen to when it's tournament time.

    College basketball and bracketology is not the Syracuse alum's only gig, though, as he also works for MLB.com.

    Here is Schwartz's latest B/R projection for this year's field.

Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports

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    The Bracket Project also has high praise for Yahoo! Sports' Brad Evans.

    Over the last three years, he's consistently been one of the best at what he does.

    Like Schwartz, bracketology is not Evans' only cup of tea. He's an award-winning fantasy columnist over at Yahoo! for both baseball and football.

    He's well-respected for what he does with every sport, and he's rather consistent in picking the tournament field. Over the last four years, his BP score has dipped below 300 points only once.

Shawn Siegel, College Hoops Net

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    There is no way you can get ready to party at tournament time without checking in on Shawn Siegel.

    The College Hoops Net writer has been one of the most accurate bracketologists in the last several years. The Bracket Project ranks him as No. 2 over the last three years.

    Siegel and his site aren't well-known like the previously mentioned sites that some of these guys write for, but he's consistently posted great bracketology scores over the last four years.

    You'd be sorry to not give him at least a glance during tournament time.

Gary Parrish, CBS Sports

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    CBS' Gary Parrish is also rather accurate and has a lot to say. He covers college hoops year-round and, according to the Bracket Project rankings, has been one of the best bracketologists in recent years.

    He was off on UConn last year, but can we really expect a team to make an insane run like that again? Unlikely.

    Parrish will look to rebound this year, and you can expect him to be wary of the underdog this time around.