NBA Trade Speculation: 8 Potential Andrew Bogut Deals

Tyler Ward@twardyyyAnalyst IMarch 11, 2012

NBA Trade Speculation: 8 Potential Andrew Bogut Deals

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    Back in 2005, the Milwaukee Bucks held the coveted No. 1 selection in the NBA Draft. There were many prospects that could have warranted that selection including Wake Forest's Chris Paul, Utah's Andrew Bogut, Illinois' Deron Williams, among others.

    By the time the draft rolled around, the Bucks had settled on who they'd take with the first overall pick. And that was Andrew Bogut, a 7'0" center who was projected to become the team's franchise player and an athlete that could transform the franchise from mediocrity to contenders.

    Unfortunately, he hasn't become that. Yes, he's become a very serviceable center and probably a top 10 player at his position, but he has not developed into that great player.

    Now, according to rumors, it appears that Bogut could be headed out of Milwaukee.

    In late January, Bogut suffered a fractured ankle against the Houston Rockets and the immediate diagnosis came out that he'd miss about 8-12 weeks. He apparently has recovered quicker than anticipated and could return to the court in the next couple of weeks.

    This has led to teams clamoring to attempt to acquire the big man at the trade deadline and as expected, there are a good amount of suitors. We'll see what happens, as we can only speculate at this point.

    Note: The following scenarios were made true by using ESPN's NBA Trade Machine.

Golden State Warriors

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut, SG/SF Stephen Jackson and a future first-round pick to Golden State for SG Monta Ellis, C Andris Biedrins and SF Dorell Wright

    Synopsis: It's long been apparent that the Warriors need a center. They made a play for DeAndre Jordan earlier in the season, but came up short. They've been trying to make a play for Dwight Howard, but that seems very unlikely. The front office has also been trying to make a move to acquire either Chris Kaman or Brook Lopez, but nothing has materialized there either.

    So now it is being speculated that the Warriors are going to go hard after Bogut.

    In this scenario, Bogut does get dealt to Golden State, along with Stephen Jackson, who has been bickering and fighting with head coach Scott Skiles. Jackson seems to already be gone and the Bucks get the two for one special.

    In order for the Warriors to acquire those two players, the team gives up Monta Ellis, who has long been on the trading block. Ellis is an electric scorer that could benefit greatly in Skiles' system. A Brandon Jennings-Ellis backcourt would immediately become powerful and one of the best, young duos in the entire league.

    They'd also acquire Andris Biedrins, who seldom plays as it is. The Warriors made a foolish decision a while ago to pay Biedrins $9 million per season, which looks like one of the dumbest decisions the front office has ever made. Dorell Wright, who is having an off-year, would also be thrown into the deal to clear up some more cap space.

    I doubt this exact scenario would happen, but I believe Bogut, if traded, will be a Warrior once the deadline passes.

New Orleans Hornets

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut and SF Carlos Delfino to New Orleans for C Chris Kaman and a future first-round selection

    Synopsis: For some odd reason, since Chris Kaman landed with the Hornets, he's been off the trading block. Then he's been on the trading block. Then he's been taken off and placed on there yet again. It makes you wonder how Kaman feels about all this talk, but that's something he can talk about if he wants to.

    Regardless, in this scenario, the Bucks would acquire Kaman in exchange for Bogut and Carlos Delfino.

    Kaman has seemingly rejuvenated his career since the early stages of February. Since then, Kaman has posted nine double-doubles and has scored in double-digits in every single contest. He's arguably been the Hornets' best player over the past month and rightfully so.

    But with trade rumors consistently persisting, Kaman could get dealt for the second time in less than five months. And it could very well happen.

    The Hornets would get the oft-injured Bogut in the deal, who has the capabilities of playing even better than Kaman. I believe both players play similar styles of basketball, but Bogut has the slight advantage because he is younger than the former Central Michigan star.

    New Orleans would also acquire Carlos Delfino in the deal, who is scheduled to make $3.5 million this season. His contract expires at the end of the season, so it would be coming off the books once the season concludes. Delfino really wouldn't fit into the Hornets' plans, so a buyout seems plausible but since his contract expires at the end of the season, it makes more sense for the Hornets to retain him.

    But we could definitely see a Bogut-for-Kaman deal go down at the trade deadline. We'll see what happens.

Detroit Pistons

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut and SG/SF Stephen Jackson to Detroit for SG Ben Gordon, PF/C Jason Maxiell, SF Austin Daye and a future second-round pick

    Synopsis: On paper, this trade may not make much sense, but it could conceivably happen—or something like it.

    The Bucks would send Bogut and the disgruntled Jackson to Detroit in exchange for Ben Gordon, who has lost patience with the Pistons franchise. The under-sized Maxiell may not be your prototypical big man, but he is a quality player that isn't afraid to do the dirty work.

    Austin Daye, a former first-round selection, would also be thrown into the deal. Daye was thought to be one of the bigger player surprises this season, but instead has seen his minutes significantly decreased. The forward is only logging in about 15 minutes per game, while averaging 4.8 points and 2.4 rebounds per contest.

    A change of scenery is definitely needed for the young forward and Milwaukee may be the place for him.

    The Pistons, in exchange for the three players, would receive Bogut and Stephen Jackson in the deal. The addition of a healthy Bogut would be an exceptional deal for the Pistons, as they'd be able to form a powerful frontcourt combination with future stud Greg Monroe.

    However, the addition of Jackson may not be that good, as we all remember the "Malice in the Palace." I don't know if Jackson would be fully welcomed in Detroit and if this scenario were to play out, Jackson's contract could get bought out or he could get traded elsewhere.

    But the Pistons could go back to their old winning ways if they were to acquire a player of Bogut's stature. If healthy, he'd be a solid addition to a very young team.

Houston Rockets

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Houston for C Samuel Dalembert, SG Courtney Lee and a future first-round selection

    Additional Scenario: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Houston and SG/SF Stephen Jackson to Sacramento; Sacramento trades PF J.J. Hickson to Milwaukee and SF Donte Greene to Houston; Houston trades C Samuel Dalembert, SG Courtney Lee and a future second-round pick to Milwaukee

    Synopsis: The Rockets have so much young talent on their roster, it's actually somewhat ridiculous, Unfortunately, the teams lacks experience and chemistry which makes it tough for the young team.

    However, there is one glaring weakness on the Rockets' roster—the center position. Samuel Dalembert hasn't been bad since coming to Houston, as he is currently averaging 7.7 points and 7.7 rebounds per game. His backup, Jordan Hill, is a serviceable backup, but he will likely not become a star in the NBA.

    So in this scenario, the Rockets are finally able to obtain a legitimate center that has All-Star potential. They've definitely been missing that component since Yao Ming decided to call it a career.

    The Bucks, in turn, would acquire the aforementioned Dalembert and the disgruntled Courtney Lee.

    Dalembert would likely give the Bucks some quality minutes, but he is no Andrew Bogut. There's no doubt that he's still a decent center with a couple of years left in the tank and he could hold the fort down until the season concludes.

    Courtney Lee would also come over in the deal, his fourth team since arriving in the NBA. Lee is a solid player, but he will never be an All-Star player. He's more of player that should be used in a sixth man role and that's what the Bucks would likely use him as. Lee would probably immediately surpass Mike Dunleavy and rookie Tobias Harris on the depth chart.

    In my opinion, this trade works out well for both teams, as does the similar trade listed below the initial scenario.

Orlando Magic

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut, SG Stephen Jackson, PF Ersan Ilyasova, PF/C Larry Sanders and a future first-round selection to Orlando for C Dwight Howard and SF Quentin Richardson

    Synopsis: I know, I know, I know. Some of y'all probably think I'm on something right now, but this is honestly just a little joke. I seriously doubt anything like this would happen, but you never know.

    The Bucks would practically be giving up the farm, except for Brandon Jennings, for Howard.

    Bogut, their 2005 first-overall selection and franchise player, would be gone. Stephen Jackson, their second-best player, would also be dealt, even though it wouldn't come as a surprise. Ersan Ilyasova, who has been an amazing surprise this season, would also be dealt to Orlando and for good measure, 2010 first-round pick Larry Sanders would also be shipped to the Magic.

    Not to mention, a future first-round selection would also be given to Orlando.

    So after everything is said and done, the Magic's roster would like something like this: Bogut, Jackson, Ilyasova, Sanders, Ryan Anderson, Jameer Nelson, Jason Richardson, Glen Davis, J.J. Redick, Hedo Turkoglu, Chris Duhon and other small players such as Earl Clark and Ishmael Smith.

    Needless to say, the Magic would have tons and tons of upside and potential, even if Howard isn't on the roster.

    It'd definitely be a sight to see Dwight Howard in a Bucks uniform. There's perhaps a one percent chance that anything like that could happen, but that's all it needs.

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Oklahoma City for C Kendrick Perkins and SG Daequan Cook

    Synopsis: If Bogut were to remain healthy, this scenario would just be downright scary.

    I would hate to cross paths with a team that already has Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Serge Ibaka and then all of a sudden, Andrew Bogut. That's one hell of a roster, especially with Nick Collison, Thabo Sefolosha and Nazr Mohammed as key role players.

    If this scenario were to actually happen, I'd probably immediately crown the Thunder as this year's NBA champions. A Bogut deal would mean that much to the franchise if he remained healthy and at 100 percent.

    In exchange for Bogut's services, the Bucks would receive Kendrick Perkins and sharpshooter Daequan Cook.

    Perkins, who has never been an offensive player anyway, is having a sub-par campaign. The former high school phenom is currently averaging 4.5 points (lowest since 2006-07), 6.4 rebounds (lowest since 2007-08) and 1.2 blocks per contest.

    Regardless, Perkins is a solid defensive player. But unfortunately, he lets his emotions get the best of him sometimes, which hurts his respectability around the NBA and of course, his fan base. Milwaukee would also receive Daequan Cook in the deal, a player who is strictly known for his shooting beyond the arc. Cook really does nothing else with the basketball, as he is truly a one-dimensional player.

    Even though that's all he does, he can still help the Bucks, who are tied for 16th in three-point shooting percentage.

Sacramento Kings

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut to Sacramento for PF J.J. Hickson, C Jason Thompson and a future second-round selection

    Synopsis: To the naked eye, this deal may not make much sense. The Kings would be giving up two frontcourt pieces for one player who can get injured at any second.

    But just hear me out.

    The Kings would be getting rid of Hickson, who is currently owed $2.354 million this season—Hickson's contract also expires at the end of the season, so it will be coming off the books. The power forward was thought to be an intricate piece in the team's plans this season, but it has been quite the opposite.

    Hickson is currently averaging just 4.9 points and 5.1 rebounds per game in about 19 minutes per contest. It seems very likely that he will not be retained by the Kings at the end of the season and if they can get something for him right now, they might as well pull the trigger.

    The Kings would also be sending former lottery selection Jason Thompson to the Kings, who has been somewhat of a disappointment since arriving in the NBA. The former Rider product is playing about 24 minutes per night, averaging a career-low 7.9 points per game, along with 6.1 rebounds per contest.

    Thompson's contract also expires at the end of the season and he may not be retained by the team either. So the Kings might as well get something for him while they still can.

    Sacramento, on the other hand, would receive Bogut in the deal. It may seem puzzling, especially since the team already has DeMarcus Cousins on the roster. But Cousins could be switched to power forward to better the circumstances for Bogut.

    But there is no doubt in my mind that a Bogut-Cousins combination would become a formidable duo in the NBA. The Kings, along with Tyreke Evans, could build around those three players for many years to come and hopefully, the Kings could return to their early 2000s form.

Toronto Raptors

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    The Trade: Milwaukee trades C Andrew Bogut and a future second-round selection to Toronto for PF/C Andrea Bargnani and SG Leandro Barbosa

    Synopsis: When you take your first glimpse at this trade, it seems somewhat weird. In case of y'all didn't notice, the 2005 first-overall selection would be traded for the 2006 first-overall selection, but that is neither here or there so I digress.

    It has long been speculated that the Raptors have been shopping multiple players on the roster, including point guard Jose Calderon, power forward Amir Johnson and Barbosa. Bargnani has also been the subject of a few trade rumors as well.

    In this case, the Raptors are able to free up some cap space by sending Barbosa's $7.6 million expiring contract and Bargnani's $9.25 million deal to Milwaukee in exchange for Bogut and his $12 million salary. Yes, they only save about $4.85 million, but that could come to use at some point, especially if they go after free agent Wilson Chandler.

    In Milwaukee, the Bucks would receive Bargnani, who has been an alright player with the Raptors since arriving in the NBA.

    A trade to Milwaukee could be just what he needs as Scott Skiles' system would seemingly fit his game better. Skiles seems to prefer to spread the court rather than continuously throw it in the post and Bargnani is one of those big men that would rather move around than stay in the paint. A system like Skiles' could be what Bargnani needs to show that he was worth the No. 1 overall selection in 2006.

    The Bucks would also receive Barbosa in the deal, a former winner of the Sixth Man of the Year Award. Depending on what they do with Stephen Jackson, Barbosa could either be placed in the starting rotation or be used as a sixth man. It all depends on what they do with the mad Jackson.

    This deal seems to work out for both teams and I can see something very similar happening.