Michel Therrien Heading to the Unemployment Line?

Michael LeonardContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

With the Penguins in the midst of a seemingly-endless slump, reports out of Pittsburgh have coach Michel Therrien fired as soon as this afternoon.

Throughout this recent skid the players have seemed to give up on Therrien. 

The abrasive style of Therrien works very well when the team is winning, but it turns counterproductive—especially with younger players—when losing.

To further fuel this rumor, it was rumored last night that former Tampa Bay Lightning coach John Tortorella was seen at Pittsburgh International Airport, arriving late in the evening.

More info to follow as this story develops.


I emailed several Pittsburgh sports writers and the consensus is that the rumor of Tortorella being in town is believed to be just a rumor.  One writer who wished to remain nameless did say he fully expected Therrien to be let go prior to the game against Philadelphia tomorrow based off his "inside" sources within the Penguins organization.