Detroit Lions' 2009 Draft

Derek GlauchContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

A lot of people say the Detroit Lions should take Sam Bradford as the No. 1 overall pick this year. But I say why not take Brandon Spikes? I agree Bradford may be the next Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco, but the Lions have a QB in Drew Stanton that they took early in the draft two years ago that they have NO confidence in.

If you are going to take a QB that early, and your team is as bad as the Lions, why not start him? Or at least give him a chance.

Anyways, back to Spikes. The Lions are so bad on defense that they need a force at LB to complement Sims and Dizon. If not at No. 1, then why not in the later pick of the first round. Now, you can't tell me that Bradford and Spikes wouldn't help that team a LOT!

And as a Lions fan, I say they better make DAMN sure to pick up some good FA's and get a head coach with the track record of Shanahan, or a young stud like Jason Garret. Well, good luck Lions and don't f*** it up this year.