WrestleMania 28: WWE Should Add a Tag Team Battle Royal Match to the Card

Shea Haney@SheaH4Correspondent IIIMarch 10, 2012

By most accounts the tag team division is in desperate need of a lift.  The division has been this way for a long time.

The current champions, Primo and Epico, have added a new dimension to the division but they are still in need of a challenger.  Other tag teams like R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger and the Usos are currently the teams that are relevant in the division. 

Think about a tag team battle royal match for the championships at WrestleMania 28.  The rules would be that if one of the members of your team is eliminated, the team is eliminated.  The final team would be crowned the new tag team champions.

Sound like a good match?  I think so.

If the WWE would put these four teams, and possibly more, in a battle royal at WrestleMania I think it would put on a great match.  These superstars don’t appear to be heading towards another match come April 1st, so why not?

There was a match similar to this at WrestleMania 14.  This event sparked the return of the legendary Legion of Doom (eventual winners).  Could the WWE come up with something similar?  This could be a great match to allow some younger stars to get into a WrestleMania match.

By and large the WWE doesn’t spend enough time at developing the tag team division.  This could be a great step in trying to revive this once legendary division again.  If not, I think the WWE should develop some sort of gimmick match for the tag team division on WrestleMania.

What do you think?  Should a match like this be added to the WrestleMania card?  If not, should the tag team champions have a match on April 1st?