NFL Rumors: Ranking the Biggest Rumored Free-Agency Moves by Odds of Happening

Ryan Alfieri@Ryan_AlfieriCorrespondent IIIMarch 10, 2012

NFL Rumors: Ranking the Biggest Rumored Free-Agency Moves by Odds of Happening

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    There are a lot of rumors floating around as the opening to free agency begins, but it is all speculation from "sources" that don't always have the spreading of truth in their best interests. 

    So who is to separate what's truth and what's pure speculation?

    The only way to really gauge what's likely to happen is what makes the most sense.

    Here is a raking of some of the biggest free-agency rumors floating around according to their likelihood of becoming true. 

Almost Certain: Brandon Lloyd to New England Patriots

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    This just makes too much sense. The Patriots need a downfield threat, and Lloyd has made a living taking the top off defenses. 

    Lloyd's success is directly related to whether or not Josh McDaniels is running the show on offense. Now that McDaniels is back with the Patriots, Lloyd knows that it's in his best interest to stay with McDaniels for as long as he can. 

    This is going to come down to money, as the Pats are going to want to use McDaniels as leverage to get Brandon to take a pay cut.

    If he's willing, this is a done deal. 

Very Possible: Vincent Jackson to the Chicago Bears

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    Vincent Jackson will have plenty of suitors this spring, but few make more sense than the Bears.

    Now that Mike Martz is out of the picture, the Bears can finally go out and get a big, vertical threat that was condemned in Martz's system of smaller, faster receivers. 

    Chicago has not had a top-end receiver in quite some time, and if they can get someone that can really take advantage of Cutler's arm talent, the Bears' offense will be quite difficult to slow down. 

    The Bears will see plenty of competition for Jackson's services, but they have enough cap room to compete in a bidding war. 

Possible: Carl Nicks to the Redskins

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    By his own admission, Nicks seems to be on his way out of New Orleans. The Saints simply will not be able to invest so much money into the guard position after giving Jahri Evans a boatload of money. 

    Meanwhile, now that RGIII is all but certain to go to Washington, they are expected to use their massive amounts of cap room to surround their young star with as many weapons as possible.

    Why not start with the best offensive lineman on the open market?

    Most of these rumors are pure speculation, but with their needs on the offensive line and money (and willingness) to spend on it, at least one big-name free agent will be a Redskin, and Nicks could be it .

Pure Speculation: Peyton Manning to the Denver Broncos

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    Denver was never considered to be in real contention for Peyton Manning's services, but they are apparently ready to do whatever it takes to tick off every Tim Tebow follower in Denver. 

    He's scheduled to also visit Arizona, and the Dolphins are in play. We know the Jets are out after giving Mark Sanchez a contract extension, but in this league, anything is possible, and we could hear some crazy news over the coming days.

    We're also going to hear a lot about how he can't throw/how good he looks throwing the ball/how much he tips waiters.

    Bottom line, don't believe a whole lot of speculation about Manning until he signs a contract.