Where Is M.V.P. Going To End Up?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 12, 2009

Who doesn't love M.V.P.? This guy is hilarious, fun, cocky and filled with charisma! Montel Vontavious Porter has Mic. Skills, in-ring ability, and never leaves us waiting for an "up moment." So why has he been on a steady and pronounced losing streak? Usually when a wrestler is a "jobber," they are fading away, or trying to find footing. M.V.P. however, is not doing/ experiencing any such thing. 

Every week, Montel is in the ring and has made a point of losing and being on a streak. He has had his pyro. taken away. Porter has had his archway taken. This last week he even had his "V.I.P. lounge" taken down.

To add to the odd story angle, Ken Kennedy has been interrupting his speeches with movie plugs and trash talk. This M.V.P. storyline in itself, seems like pulling back a veritable slingshot. When released it would be great to see him with an amazing winning streak. Possibly starting with a P.P.V. win or a title match.

The only thing I cannot put my finger on, is the Kennedy angle. If Kennedy were to somehow work in a way to slowly talk to M.V.P., this would be the start of a great tag-team. Maybe Kennedy turns Porter to a "face" and they work together.

In my opinion, I can't really see much reason for all of this obvious build up of both careers only for it to end with Kennedy pinning M.V.P. Likewise, I cannot see why Kennedy would lose to Porter, after a long awaited debut, (which everyone knows, a debut match is always a winning match).