Seattle Seahawks: Is Earl Thomas the Next Troy Polamalu?

Micah ChenAnalyst IIIMarch 10, 2012

Through all the ridiculous transactions and changes over the last two years, one position has stayed consistent. And that position is safety.  From day one when he was drafted in the first round, Earl Thomas has started in 32 NFL games straight.

He is a rock on defense, not only playing great coverage in center field, but also coming up and making a crucial tackle when needed.  He was actually second on the team in tackles, falling short to linebacker David Hawthorne.  He had more tackles than Kam Chancellor!

Because of this play, Earl Thomas earned a starting Pro Bowl spot AND second team All-Pro honors.

Entering the third year of his career, It's becoming more and more clear that this kid is going to be something special, but is it too early to call him the next Troy Polamalu?  I don't believe so.

Dig deeper, and the similarities are striking.  Both have similar builds at 5'10" 200 Lbs, they both play safety of course, they both rarely miss games (with the exception of 2009 for Polamalu), they both fly around the field making tackles and they both are capable of being ball hawks and getting the key interceptions.

Sometimes a guy will come out of nowhere and becomes a superstar, e.g. Victor Cruz, Marshawn Lynch or Tom Brady.

But for the most part, the superstars in the NFL are the ones that came out of college and played at a high level right away, e.g. Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and recently Justin Smith.  Earl Thomas fits in the category of a player that came out of college, produced at a high level right off the bat, and remained injury free entering his third season.

Earl Thomas is young (he's still only 22), he's fun to watch, he has blazing speed (4.37 40-yard dash time) and his upside is tremendous.  You can't help but be excited about his future.

With the Seahawks defense on the brink of elite status, you have to believe that Earl Thomas will be extremely important to the team's success.