Kyle Busch: No Longer The "Kid" With Daytona Approaching

eugene palmerContributor IJanuary 12, 2009

You may hate him. You may like him. Either way, the eight-time sprint cup winner in 2009 will be back to pop open the champagne whether you like it or not!

There are many ways to describe Kyle—some good, some bad. He has been called the baby in NASCAR. He has been called names that make no sense. Have you ever heard "rubbins racin"? Not that it applies to Kyle Busch but take it into consideration! All of you that agree with that, well there's one word to describe you, Jealous!

He is the guy you hear about when you turn on the TV. He is the guy you always hear win and his name in the same sentence. He is the guy who is no longer the kid in NASCAR. He is the guy who is no longer the future of NASCAR. He is the guy who is the most talented young driver in NASCAR. He is the guy who won so many races that the weirdos who hate him can't even count how many. 

Heck, he is Nascar. He is Kyle Busch!

With the Daytona 500 approaching, Kyle Busch wants to let people know that he is the real deal. He is no longer the kid with the bright future. His time is now! 

He has proven he can win on short tracks, super speed ways, half miles, concrete, dirt, in his sprint car, or in either one of NASCAR's top three divisions. He has even proven he can win at Daytona.

With the new drivers in 2009, along with Mark Martin, Joey Logano, Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman— and new drivers in new cars—don't forget about the kid in the green machine. This so called NASCAR "baby" will no longer be called that after the 2009 season.

You call him a baby because he dominated the regular season and had eight wins? Like him or hate him, you know he has the best shot of winning any race next year.

Oh yeah, that's right, this baby can't win Daytona because he only won eight races last year, right? This MAN has proven he is ready to win the Daytona 500. This MAN is ready to show you haters what a "baby" can do on a race track—again!

This MAN is your '09 Sprint Cup champ! This MAN is the candy man, Kyle Busch!