6 Pro Wrestling Shows That You Must Subscribe to

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IMarch 10, 2012

6 Pro Wrestling Shows That You Must Subscribe to

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    Pro wrestling fans want to be in the know as much as they can, so they read the dirt-sheet websites and watch various pro wrestling programs.

    What fans also do to stay informed about pro wrestling is listen to wrestling audio shows and podcasts.

    Since the advent of the Internet, there are literally thousands of pro wrestling shows and podcasts available, either for free or for a small price.

    But out of those few thousand shows and podcasts, there only a real handful that are worth fans' time and, in some cases, money.

    Here, in no particular order are six pro wrestling shows and podcasts that you, the wrestling fan, should subscribe to.

In Your Head Wrestling (iyhwrestling.com)

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    In Your Head Wrestling is hosted by “The Internet Icon” Jack E. Jones and the “Power Goat” Oneinchbiceps and has been on the air for several years.

    Jack E. and Incher always have spectacular guests on their shows such as Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Roddy Piper and so on.

    They also have a hilarious take on pro wrestling, and are always fun and entertaining to listen to.

    Best of all, their show is one hundred percent free, so wrestling fans should give these guys a listen.

The Pro Wrestling Report (pwrshow.com )

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    Since 1998, The Pro Wrestling Report, hosted by Daemon Nelson and David Herro, has been keeping fans of pro wrestling in the loop with news and interviews with some of the biggest stars of the squared circle.

    In addition to the great audio, they have an extensive library of video from their official YouTube channel, so fans can get a double dose of entertainment.

    This show is also free, so fans can take advantage of the expertise of Nelson and Herro and hear what they have to say about the world of professional wrestling.

The Pro Wrestling Editorial ( www.blogtalkradio.com/prowrestlingeditorial )

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    PWE is hosted by Rob Kennith and co-hosts Ty Symmons, Angelea Atkins, Nicole Matthais, Tony Stefano and new addition Chuck Colding.

    They always have entertaining but extremely informative shows relating to the world of pro wrestling and are the source for wrestling news on blogtalkradio.com.

    The show has a relaxed atmosphere and they always welcome fans to call in to voice their opinions on various aspects of wrestling.

    This show is also free to listen, so wrestling fans should give this one a shot.

The Chay-Lites ( TheChayLopez )

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    The Chay-Lites is hosted by Chay Lopez and is a YouTube-exclusive wrestling show.

    Chay has the most hilarious and the most creative videos regarding the wacky world of professional wrestling on the Internet, and his charismatic personality is a must watch for any fan that enjoys a good jab at wrestling. 

    For fans of YouTube and pro wrestling. this show is a must-add to their subscription list.

PWInsiderelite.com ( pwinsiderelite.com )

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    PWInsiderelite has been around since 2004, and they air several audio shows per week on their subscription-only website.

    Hosted by Dave Scherer, Mike Johnson, Stu Carapola, Mike Epsenhart and Richard Trionfo, PWInsiderelite is an excellent source for wrestling news. 

    The show also features the who's who of professional wrestling as their guests. Their audio has a top-notch sound quality, and for any wrestling fan that wants to know what's going on, PWInsiderelite is a must.

    For a small subscription fee per month, fans can hear thousands of hours of pro wrestling knowledge with just a few clicks.

Figure Four Online / Wrestling Observer ( F4WOnline.com )

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    Figure Four Online and The Wrestling Observer is hosted by Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer. 

    Meltzer is the leading authority of professional wrestling news and knowledge. Alvarez uploads several different audio shows per week, and they are a phenomenal source for fans that want to know what's happening in pro wrestling.

    In addition to current audio, Figure Four Online has thousands of hours of audio from as far back as 2005 so fans can take a listen.

    Figure Four Online offers one free show to non-subscribers, but for a small subscription fee, fans can stay informed.

    Coming from guys like Alvarez and Meltzer, the wrestling news will be 100 percent accurate, so it's well worth the price of admission.