The Brett Favre Article To End All Others

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IJanuary 12, 2009

I am betting right now you want to scroll down to the comment box and type something along these lines:

"I hate Brett Favre, he is so overrated and I am sick of reading about him. GET A LIFE"

My firm response is: "Get over yourself"

Now that we have that out of the way, I'd like to get down to business.

Brett Favre.

It seems that name carries a burden to it. A burden that it should not carry. It seems at this point in time we must pick a side.

Are we for Favre? Or against him?

I am here to tell you the reality and the truth about Brett Favre. No BS, no bias, nothing more than real talk.

There have been so many articles writing so many things about Brett Favre. Most of these articles have been negative. Most of them have been overrated.

I, the proclaimed Favre police, will finally voice the reality of Favre. If you are planning on writing a Favre article, don't. This is the last one, because it is the right one.

First on the Favre controversy plate...


His place in history...

Brett Favre is not the greatest quarterback in NFL history. Neither is Montana, neither is Elway nor Graham nor Marino.

The truth is, there is no single greatest quarterback in NFL history. The circumstances they played under varied so much that it is impossibly to accurately rate them.

However, anytime a conversation about the greatest quarterback in NFL history pops up, Brett Favre's name is always there. There will always be an argument for him, just like there will be always an argument against him. The same can be said for any other quarterback.

End of discussion.


Is he overrated?

The fact of the matter is no, Brett Favre is not overrated.

I will tell you why, because there have been dozens of articles telling me the contrary.

He is only overrated by the people who consider him hands down the best of all-time. These people consist of biased Packer fans. Nothing wrong with that, but that is the reality.

Therefore those of you who call Favre overrated are simply talking to irrational Favre fanatics rather than the whole world. Because the whole world doesn't see Favre as highly rated as his huge fanatics do.

You all know you cannot change the mind of a fanatic, no matter the argument. So writing six or seven articles to convince them is quite pointless.


The whole retirement thing...

Honestly, this bothers me the most about people.

I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to sock people in the teeth because of the ridiculous statements they make on this topic.

The reality is people are overly critical on his "flip-flopping".

The fact of the matter is the media asks him too many times. Every reporter wants to be the one that gets the answer. So they all ask him.

So it only seems that he is flip-flopping when in reality, he is not.

He is being completely honest.

Every time he has been asked whether he is coming back or not, he has replied the same answer: "I do not know".

Sounds pretty consistent to me.

Now if your problem is that he won't make up his mind, Let me ask you this: How many life-changing decisions have you made the first time you were asked?

The second?

Perhaps the third?

It is not an easy decision and I know I couldn't make it. To choose to walk away from something you love is truly the hardest choice we will ever have to make.

He is only human.


Brett Favre is a diva...

Again, wrong.

He is not a diva, he is human.

People say he "craves attention". Really? Is that why he spends his offseason in HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI?!?!

Favre doesn't call press conferences to talk about his feelings. With the exception to his interview on FOX.

"But David, Favre called out his boss and pretty much demanded the starting job!"

Why, yes annoying Favre-hater, he did! However, if you have ever been disrespected by your boss you wouldn't have a problem with it.

This all goes back to him being human. When you hurt, you cry. When you cry, you act irrational.


Brett Favre is a choke artist

Once again, wrong.

He doesn't choke because he plays every game the same. He isn't a quarterback who throws 39 touchdowns in a season then tosses three picks in the playoffs.

If he has a great regular season, he has great playoffs. If he has a mediocre regular season, he has a mediocre playoff.

He also ranks second in 4th quarter comebacks and game winning drives.

The fact that he threw ONE game-losing pick means nothing towards his legacy.


So there it is. The reality of "Brett Favre".


The comment box is below, bring it on.