Derrick Rose or Kyrie Irving: Who Would You Take for the Next Ten Years?

Andrew BaumannContributor IIIMarch 10, 2012

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Skip Bayless' recent tweet has caused a stir in the twitter verse. About two days ago, while ranting along on his twitter, Bayless decided to compare reigning MVP Derrick Rose to the likely rookie of the year Kyrie Irving. He said, as you can see below, that for the next ten years, he would pick Irving over rose.

You can see his comment here:



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It's no surprise why so many people dislike him. Personally, I think Bayless is very against the grain, and I am his fan and I do follow him on twitter, as you can see.

However, he brings up an interesting question: would anyone else pick Irving over Rose?

Kelly Scaletta recently published an article comparing the two's rookie seasons (Irving's so far), and it shows that Irving is definitely having a better rookie season then Rose did. 

But that's the problem, Irving is still a rookie. If he can get proportionately better like many men of his talent do, then in three years Bayless might not be wrong in his opinion.

However, that's the entire issue, we have to see. Irving is still a diamond in the rough, and nobody knows how he will improve.

There's tons of wild cards that will factor into Irving's development, all things Rose has already gotten past. 

After last night's game, in which Irving lead the Cavaliers to a victory against the Thunder, Bayless tweeted this:

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Looking at Irving's stat sheet from last night shows many weaknesses but some strengths. He impressed with 12 assists, but also only shot 4-for-12 from the field and scored nine points. This shows exactly the problem in the Rose/Irving debate: Irving is too unpolished to compare to Rose right now.

Bayless also brought up the point of Rose's uncanny ability to score, saying Irving is a natural PG who can distribute, but "DRose is a primary scorer/2 guard masquerading as a PG."

But that just brings up another argument entirely. 

So tell us: who would you pick? Vote in the poll on the right and post your comments below.