New Orleans Saints 2012 Mock Draft: What Experts Around the Web Are Saying

Zayne Grantham@ZPGSportsContributor IIIMarch 9, 2012

New Orleans Saints 2012 Mock Draft: What Experts Around the Web Are Saying

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    The New Orleans Saints have plenty of drama surrounding their camp right now, and the 2012 NFL Draft is just about a month away. Experts around the web are saying plenty of things about the Saints right now, but not quite as much about the draft.

    At this point, just about everyone as heard of Bounty-Gate and that entire situation. The Saints are also dealing with some major salary cap issues and have to soothe a frustrated Drew Brees.

    New Orleans does not have a first-round pick in the upcoming draft, and they have plenty of holes that need to be filled.

    The Saints brought in Steve Spagnuolo to fill the defensive coordinator position and they need to add some talent to that side of the ball so that Spagnuolo can run his scheme successfully.

    Despite all of the recent drama surrounding the Saints and their organization, they still have to prepare for the draft.

    With that in mind, let's take a look at what some of the experts are saying about the Saints and the 2012 NFL Draft.

New Orleans Saints May Not Draft a Wide Receiver

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    Yahoo! Sports contributing writer Patrick Michael had this great piece about the potential of the New Orleans Saints signing wide receiver Randy Moss.

    The Saints have two receivers that are scheduled to become free agents this offseason. Marques Colston and Robert Meachem have been major parts of the New Orleans offense, and the Saints will need a replacement if they lose both receivers.

    Lance Moore, Devery Henderson, Adrian Arrington, and Joe Morgan are still a part of the team's roster, but another player would need to be brought in.

    The draft was an obvious option before the Saints brought in Moss for a workout. However, after Moss impressed in the workout, he immediately became the best option.

    The Saints are in a win now mode, and Moss is a player that may provide good play for a year or two. If Moss comes in and plays to his ability, then he is a much better option than any player the Saints could pick up in the draft.

Todd McShay Breaks Down a Few of the Saints' Problem Areas

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    This article by ESPN's Todd McShay breaks down some of the New Orleans Saints biggest needs. Although it is a bit dated, originally posted in December of 2011, this article still provides some great looks at what type of players the Saints should target in the draft.

    McShay says that the Saints' biggest problem is the pass rush, and I would have to firmly agree.

    The Saints only have one defensive end that can play every down and get after the quarterback, and that is Will Smith. The other Saints' ends are more of role players and none have shown elite pass rushing skills.

    New Orleans will likely use their second or third-round pick in 2012 to bring in a talented pass rusher. There is a good amount of talent that will be available in the second round and McShay lists Whitney Mercilus and Jack Crawford as options for the Saints.

    McShay also says that the Saints need some help in the secondary because of poor tackling. I am not as sold on this because the Saints' secondary performed out of character all year.

    Hopefully with new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, the Saints defensive backfield will perform to their potential.

B/R Featured Columnists Say Defense, Defense, Defense!

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    Myself and the other Bleacher Report Featured Columnists all say that the New Orleans Saints need to go after some defensive talent early in the draft.

    Check out this mock draft by Jason Bernos and this one here by Will Osgood. Both writers have the Saints selecting four defensive players with their seven draft choices, and I think that is about what the Saints need to do.

    New Orleans needs some major help on the defensive line, and good use some quality backups in the linebacking corps and secondary. However, the Saints may also have to invest in the offense some.

    As the draft approaches, we will see the Saints make some moves in free agency that will give us a clearer idea of who they may target in the draft.