NFL Rumors: Dwight Freeney and the Top 5 Landing Spots for the Sack Artist

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IMarch 9, 2012

NFL Rumors: Dwight Freeney and the Top 5 Landing Spots for the Sack Artist

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    Dwight Freeney is on the trade block, according to, and there are five teams in desperate need of a sack artist that should make a move to acquire him from the Indianapolis Colts.

    Freeney is 32 years old with 10 years of wear and tear on his body, but there isn't any reason to believe he won't be able to continue playing for at least a few more seasons in the NFL.

    He has collected 102.5 sacks and 43 forced fumbles during his time in the league, at an average of 10 sacks and four forced fumbles a year.

    Freeney is a valuable asset that can help these teams immensely on defense.

Seattle Seahawks

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    Chris Clemons had a fantastic year for the Seattle Seahawks in 2011, collecting 11 sacks on the season. Their next best player was Leroy Hill, an outside linebacker who had four sacks in 2011.

    As a team, the Seahawks only brought down opposing quarterbacks 33 times, tied for 19th in the NFL.

    They need another legitimate threat on the outside to complete their already strong defensive unit, and Dwight Freeney would be a perfect fit in their 4-3 defense.

    Combined with Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks' power running game, a defense with Freeney would give them a legitimate shot at taking the division away from the San Francisco 49ers.

Tennessee Titans

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    The Tennessee Titans were ranked second to last in the NFL in sacks in 2011 (28), and their top sack man was their rookie defensive tackle out of Iowa, Karl Klug.

    Derrick Morgan is a young defensive end out of Georgia Tech who has shown some promise, but the reality is that the Titans are extremely short in the talent department when it comes to outside pass-rushers.

    Freeney would be a perfect fit to come in and provide instant production, not to mention a good model for their young players.

    The Titans will still need to address picking up a player or two in the draft to develop, but for now Freeney is their best bet to shore up this area of need.

    If their defense starts pulling more weight, it isn't out of the question for the Titans to make the playoffs in 2012 after just missing them last year.

Carolina Panthers

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    Cam Newton wants to win. 

    The Carolina Panthers could take a big step in the right direction by making a play for Dwight Freeney. 

    Last year, Charles Johnson led the team and posted nine sacks. He tallied 11.5 sacks the year before, and at 25 years old his best years are still ahead of him.

    The Panthers as a team, however, finished the season tied for 25th in the NFL after they only posted 31 sacks.

    Freeney is the perfect mentor to bring in for Johnson.

    Both men are approximately the same size, and I guarantee Johnson won't be able to do anything but get better going forward with Freeney showing him the ropes.

    Bringing in Freeney will also be good for the locker room. After spending the last 10 seasons as a member of the Indianapolis Colts, Freeney is accustomed to winning and will bring in the right kind of attitude and work ethic into the culture of the franchise.

Cleveland Browns

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    Things need to turn around in Cleveland for the Browns, and quickly. 

    Fans are getting restless, and one of the ways Mike Holmgren could alleviate their concerns is by bringing in Dwight Freeney to pair with their young defensive end, Jabaal Sheard.

    The Browns were tied for 23rd in the NFL in sacks with 32 on the year. Sheard had a quarter of that total and finished the year with 8.5 as a rookie. The next best guy for the Browns was Ahtyba Rubin, who had five sacks from his defensive tackle position.

    The Browns also have Phillip Taylor on their defensive line, and with Rubin and Sheard, their average age is 23.5 years old.

    They need a grisly vet like Freeney will give them an edge going forward for the rest of their careers, as well as give the Browns a much-needed upgrade.

Buffalo Bills

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    The Buffalo Bills are another team that featured a defensive tackle as their highest sack man, as Marcel Dareus collected 5.5 sacks in his rookie season. 

    Their season totals reflect this, and the Bills ended the season tied for 27th in the NFL with only 29 total sacks. 

    With the team switching from a 3-4 scheme to a 4-3 in 2012 and possessing no real pass-rushing defensive end to speak of on their current roster, bringing in Freeney seems like a no-brainer.

    Dareus will move back to his natural three-technique in this scheme, and it would be fun to watch him and Freeney tag-team opposing quarterbacks from all angles.

    The Bills desperately need to generate a consistent pass-rush to compete against the New England Patriots and the rest of the AFC East. 

    This is a perfect match.