Eagles Advance!

Dave HowardContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

The Philadelphia Eagles defied odds against them, and beat the New York Giants, in New York. Why is this so big? The Eagles are a six seed, a team that tied with Cincinnati earlier this year, the first tie in 5 years, and their star QB got benched the week after the tie. I am an Eagles fan, granted, but they have my respect as a fan, for overcoming such great odds. They beat the Vikings, in Minnesota in wild card weekend, and now they beat the reining Super Bowl Champs. They then came back, after the tie, and beat Arizona, New York, and the Browns. They lost to Washington, and all hope was lost. Then, week 17 came, and they needed Tampa, Chicago, and Dallas to lose. They were playing Dallas, so that was good, but Houston and Oakland, 2 very bad teams, were playing Tampa and Chicago. The Raiders, and Texans won, and so did the Eagles. They have defied odds, and become a Super Bowl contender. They play Arizona again, after they clobbered them on Thanksgiving evening. I think the Eagles will win in Arizona. Why? They beat them before, they know how to bet them, and they are 2-0 on the road in the playoffs this year.