Connor Powers Trick Shot Video: Watch Padres Prospect's Awesome Baseball Tricks

Alex KayCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2012

Most trick shot and stunt videos relating to sports usually involve a basketball, football or Frisbee.

San Diego Padres prospect Connor Powers just flipped the genre on its head and is displaying some awesome things a human can do with a baseball bat and ball.

It starts out simple enough, which is an understatement, with the first baseman hitting a ball off the pipe of the pitcher protector. It comes directly back in a straight line and into the camera.

Powers, who has the best last name in baseball and is hopefully related to Kenny, then starts displaying his prowess by knocking a ball off the mound and into a bucket at second base. His next move involves him smashing a ball right into a target a bit in front of the pitcher’s mound.

We then see a few more crazy accurate bouncing grounders before an insanely awesome hit off a tee that curves midair and goes right into a small second base target.

It’s clear this kid can place the ball anywhere on the field, and he shows it by sniping the top of a traffic cone directly in front of him. That would most likely kill a pitcher if he were to do it in an actual ballgame.

Speaking of hitting pitchers, he uses the pitching net to make some cool shots, including one that bounces up in the air off it and into a bucket placed to his rear.

The video ends there and it was overall a wonderful display of what this 24-year-old has in store for the future in the MLB. And if he doesn’t end up panning out, he can probably become a YouTube celebrity as the first baseball trick shot artist.