Are the San Francisco Giants Your Next NL West Champs?

eugene palmerContributor IJanuary 11, 2009

There are five teams in the NL West.

Rockies: Have done nothing this offseason and were terrible last season.

Padres: In rebuilding process and also have done nothing in the offseason.

D-Backs: Were hot for a little last year but all teams can do that; they could contend.

Dodgers: Lost a lot of pitching and are trying to get Manny back; they could contend.

SF Giants: Got bull pen help, a little offense, signed the Big Unit, and are one bat away from doing something big this season. Three Cy Young award winners. Take a look at this lineup!

1. Randy Winn

2. Edgar Renteria

3. Pablo Sandoval

4. Big bat that they still need

5. Bengie Molina

6. Fred Lewis

7. Aaron Rowand

8. Manny Burris



1. Tim Lincecum

2. Randy Johnson

3. Matt Cain

4. Barry Zito

5. Noah Lowry...promising lefty Jonathan Sanchez for trade bait!  I think these are your next NL West division champ players! It will come down to three teams, and if the Giants can get that bat, then they are the favorites!